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Career Questions tagged Multimedia

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Oct 21, 2018 422 views

I am interested in things like Film Production and Graphic Arts. Would Digital Communications and Multimedia be a good major for me?

I have done some research about digital communications and multimedia but don't know enough about it to be convinced. From what I know, it relates to most of my interests in art and computers.
#college-major #multimedia #college

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jun 27, 2018 381 views

What is multimedia and what are some opportunities in it?


Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler May 08, 2018 674 views

When feeling discouraged, how do you find a way to motivate and inspire yourself?

I am a high school junior and a college sophomore. I have spent many hours looking at how I can transfer my college credits to other colleges and find scholarships to help pay for college. After looking at many scholarships, emailing schools, trying to find references, I feel I might not...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jun 27, 2017 2013 views

What majors/careers include both mathematics and visual arts?

I love math, it's my favorite subject in school and I definitely would like to continue with it in the future. However, I don't want to lose the visual design aspect which I also love. I was considering a double major in mathematics and digital communications/multi media (it basically involves...

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Jul 11, 2016 554 views

What kind of career can you get with a Digital Media Associate Degree, or a Certificate?

I am studying digital multimedia at my college. #multimedia

Jeremy’s Avatar
Jeremy May 16, 2016 1016 views

Which is better, large market studios or small market freelance work?

As a soon to be graduate is it better to jump straight into large market areas or begin smaller as a freelance designer. I am curious as to whether it would be more beneficial to start out small, in a local area close to home right out of college, to grow as a designer or if it is reasonable to...

Jeremy’s Avatar
Jeremy May 16, 2016 4271 views

What is the difference between a Production Artist and a true Graphic Designer?

I am a student at Mississippi State University in their Graphic Design program. I am about to take a production course and I need some clarification on the difference of a Production Artist vs a True Graphic Design position #design #artist #graphics #production #multimedia #visual-arts...

Naresh’s Avatar
Naresh May 03, 2016 710 views

how do i become movie editor

I have completed SSLC #engineer #multimedia #technical-drawing

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Dimaris Jun 09, 2015 1795 views

What is the purpose in going to an Art college in order to become a Multimedia Artist and Animator?

I'm a sophomore who would like to know if anyone can still be a multimedia artist and animator even without going to an art college to get a degree. Would that person have a chance to be one? Sorry if I confuse anyone with the question. #art #animation #multimedia