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Shawn C. Apr 18, 2018 399 views

What is better, joining a small game development company or a large one?

I aspire to become a video game developer, with one of my plans being to join a game development company. After I graduate college, should I start out by applying to work at small ones or large ones? #digital-media #video-games #video-game-design...


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Shawn C. Apr 18, 2018 524 views

Are game design companies constantly looking for interns?

I plan to go into Digital Media and Design in college so I can learn how to become a Video Game Developer. I was thinking that if I wanted to get a chance at joining a game company, an internship at one might be good for my resume. Are U.S. Game Design companies always open to hiring interns?...

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Sidney M. Apr 04, 2018 379 views

Editing things together?

When editing footage together what is the best method to use? i.e. is ok to use a lot of small clips or reshoot and use bigger ones? #digital-media...


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Tamiya M. Nov 16, 2017 502 views

What resources can Communications majors use to improve their writing skills?

As a public relations major, I did not have many journalism classes. I wish I had a online editing software for my media post and other digital relationed things. #technology #digital-media #digital-journalism...


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Sydney C. Aug 30, 2017 502 views

How do you transition from being a college student to working in your field in the real world?

By the time I graduate college, I will have been studying digital media for four years. I want to know how you transition from the classroom to your career and work place. #career #digital-media #digital-marketing...


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Mara G. Mar 22, 2017 1262 views
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Mara G. Mar 08, 2017 643 views

What classes do I need to take in college to be a Digital Media Specialist?

I am taking digital media this year (my sophomore year) and I really like it. I don't know what classes to take in college though. #broadcast-journalism #magazine #digital-media...


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Cam D. Jun 10, 2016 692 views
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Jeremy C. May 16, 2016 758 views

Which is better, large market studios or small market freelance work?

As a soon to be graduate is it better to jump straight into large market areas or begin smaller as a freelance designer. I am curious as to whether it would be more beneficial to start out small, in a local area close to home right out of college, to grow as a designer or if it is reasonable to...

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Jenay P. May 08, 2016 495 views

What majors should I take that will give me the skills to become a TV broadcaster, if my college doesn't offer courses for that exact career?

I am going to be an incoming freshman this fall at the University of Northern Iowa. I would like to become a TV broadcaster, but my college doesn't have a set course for that exact major. I would like to get a professional opinion on what communication courses should I take that will help me...

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Clareta B. Aug 12, 2014 2700 views

What do social media marketers do on a day to day basis?

I'm a rising senior and this year I'm going to be working on my college applications. I want to be a marketing major. For anyone who works in social media as a marketer can you please help me understand what social media marketers do on a day to day basis? Im on social media all the time and I...

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