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What is better, joining a small game development company or a large one?

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I aspire to become a video game developer, with one of my plans being to join a game development company. After I graduate college, should I start out by applying to work at small ones or large ones?


2 answers

Christy’s Answer


Don't limit yourself. Apply anywhere you can.

In general, however, a large company can more easily afford to hire junior and beginning designers. Small companies operate under tighter budget constraints (though I'm generalizing here) and have fewer openings, so they need to get the experience required to get the job done.

Cuong’s Answer


As Christy said, "don't limit yourself".

Apply wherever and whatever relating video game development jobs whether it'll be at a large company or small firm. Neither is better, it just depends on what you want to do long-term. Sometimes starting at a small firm can give you social skills quickly since it's a smaller workplace but it will be limited amount of jobs for small firms.

Like Christy said, large corporations tend have openings for junior and entry-level jobs but I would imagined that applying and getting a job there is harder than smaller firms and fast-pace.

The main point when after finishing college is gaining experience right away.

I hope I didn't sound too redundant!