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Shawn C. Apr 18, 2018 301 views

What is better, joining a small game development company or a large one?

I aspire to become a video game developer, with one of my plans being to join a game development company. After I graduate college, should I start out by applying to work at small ones or large ones? #digital-media #video-games #video-game-design...


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Shawn C. Apr 18, 2018 401 views

Are game design companies constantly looking for interns?

I plan to go into Digital Media and Design in college so I can learn how to become a Video Game Developer. I was thinking that if I wanted to get a chance at joining a game company, an internship at one might be good for my resume. Are U.S. Game Design companies always open to hiring interns?...

#video-game-programming #video-game-design #video-game-production #digital-media #video-game-development #video-games