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Can a graphic designer honestly make a good living with a single job?

Updated Decatur, Georgia

I am interested in pursuing graphic design as my career. #graphic-design #web-design #graphic-designer #digital-media

3 answers

Vivian’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Hi Cam,

Yes, you will be able to. I want to echo what Karl said. You definitely do need to be on top of your game and know the latest and greatest is in the design world. However, this will come naturally, if you really want to pursue this field. With the boom of technology and the need for more engineers, designers will be needed to create interfaces and user experiences to bring people to those sites, apps, or products. The field isn't young anymore, but there still seems to be a misrepresentation that you won't make anything. I remember being super frustrated with my family, because they kept saying I wouldn't make anything. Now that they see that I am about to provide for myself and then some, they don't say that anymore. So don't give up or think it's not possible, it is definitely possible!

Dream big, Vivian

Karl’s Answer

Updated Indiana, Indiana

Well, it can be a tough game. If you can get in with a good solid company that will be around for a while, ie. long term, that likes its employees and values them for what they can "bring to the table", then yes. Also, in my job search myself, I have seen that companies would like to have people who are very current and on top of all kinds of graphic software including web, e-mail and animation. If you are willing to and have the means to keep up financially with buying the latest software so you can be "on top of your game" then, again yes, a single job designer situation could potentially work out. If not, then you may also pursue your other talents along the way.

Crystal’s Answer

Updated Irving, Texas

It's definitely possible. Be sure to look into User Experience (UX) and interface design. In my office, User Experience is very big now and if you can learn how to arrange information and create wireframes in a way that makes for good usability, you will do well. To echo Vivian and Karl, you will need to learn to use the latest software being used to put those things together, but it ultimately comes down to what you can do with it and having a passion to keep learning. Keep at it and go for it!