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I am interested in things like Film Production and Graphic Arts. Would Digital Communications and Multimedia be a good major for me?

I have done some research about digital communications and multimedia but don't know enough about it to be convinced. From what I know, it relates to most of my interests in art and computers.
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2 answers

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Red’s Answer

First of all , Digital communication involves an organization’s online communication efforts. Most organisations today use a wide range of online channels—from their website to mobile chat to blogs—to connect with current and prospective customers, employees.

They need digital marketing professionals who have a keen understanding of how to leverage this convergence of technology and messaging to their advantage. Digital communications professionals are responsible for everything from creating online brand assets to building an engaged social media audience.

And as you like Film Production and Graphic Arts , you also can leverage your personal skills from studying Digital Communication , with using your film and art fundamental skills on technology and social media platforms nows a day , this major is really trending in this day.

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Julia’s Answer

I think it depends on what specifically you want to do–if you for sure know you want to be a cinematographer or editor for film and TV, it helps to go to film school (and then take some art or animation classes on the side/as part of your minor). But if you're more interested in filming/editing internet videos or doing motion graphics work (or just broadly want to explore media as a form), I think digital communications and multimedia is a great major that can offer a lot of different courses. (Side note: it's 100% okay if you're still not sure of the exact career you want! That's subject to change, as I can say from experience).

I studied TV Writing as my major and minored in Media and Communications. My minor offered a lot of classes that I really loved, from gender studies to the basics of advertising to magazine writing. I ended up writing and editing articles for digital publications, and when I took an interest in video production, I was able to slowly teach myself how to use Premiere Pro and started working full-time as a producer (where I pitched, shot and edited all my own stuff)–no degree needed.

How we produce and consume media is also changing a lot, and if you're in the exploratory phase of what exactly you want to do, I think it helps to just take a range of courses and slowly figure it out as new technologies emerge. Ultimately, in most of the digital media world, I've found that no one cares all that much where or what you studied if you can produce good work–outside of my close friends, I have no idea what everyone around me studied!

Julia recommends the following next steps:

Look at the specific courses offered in digital media against the ones offered in a different possible major (like film production). Try to see which ones you would ultimately love to take/have the most fun doing.
Look into minors or how many electives you can take. If you're leaning more towards film or graphic art as a major, you can always minor in media or take some supplementary classes.
If there are people online who have your dream job, try to do some digging on how they got there (you can also reach out and ask!)