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Lauren L. Sep 04, 2019 109 views

Is film production worth it?

I am interested in film but have been discouraged hearing that the success rate is low and the overall process takes a lot of time and waiting. Is it still worth it to go into that field? #film #college...


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Lauren L. Sep 04, 2019 129 views

What is the best way to learn about different majors?

As someone who is exploring majors and different opportunities, I don't know where to start or how to research on these topics. #college-major...


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Lauren L. Sep 04, 2019 105 views

Do you have to be smart to be an engineer?

After looking this up online, I have gotten many mixed answers ranging from it being okay to not be at the top of your classes to the discouragement of it because of the difficulty. I admit I am not the smartest but I have an interest in the idea of engineering. I don't know to much about the...

#smart #engineer

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Lauren L. Sep 04, 2019 115 views

Are you at a disadvantage if you apply undecided to college?

One of my main concerns is picking a major that I really like and enjoy but my interests are constantly changing so it has become a never ending circle of me going nowhere. My biggest concern is that if I don't know, will that leave me behind other people? #college #undecided...


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Lauren L. Oct 30, 2018 216 views

How should/do I start preparing for college, college apps, etc.?

I am a current junior and I know I have to start practicing and studying for ACT/SAT but what else should I start to do in preparation? Start essay? How should I approach this? What are some first steps? #college #college-advice...


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Lauren L. Oct 25, 2018 896 views

When making a list, how many majors do you want to keep in mind?

I have many aspirations, each completely different from another. It's hard for me to make a decision because they all have or don't have something that another major does. I would think that narrowing it down would be best when picking a college but....I don't know. I guess you should be...

#college-major #undecided #major #college #college-advice

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Lauren L. Oct 25, 2018 302 views

Is it hard to change majors?

I know many people who have changed their major multiple times and I have a strong feeling I might be the same when I go to college. My only concern is that if it is too hard to switch majors, it will affect me in a big way. I don't know too much about college but I do know you have to declare...

#college-major #career #major #college

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Lauren L. Oct 21, 2018 202 views

What are the differences between the different communication major programs?

Like Digital Communication, Mass communications, Public Relations, etc. #communication...

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Lauren L. Oct 21, 2018 170 views

I am interested in things like Film Production and Graphic Arts. Would Digital Communications and Multimedia be a good major for me?

I have done some research about digital communications and multimedia but don't know enough about it to be convinced. From what I know, it relates to most of my interests in art and computers. #college-major #multimedia...