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Sales and Related Occupations
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Lauren Oct 21, 2018 608 views

I am interested in things like Film Production and Graphic Arts. Would Digital Communications and Multimedia be a good major for me?

I have done some research about digital communications and multimedia but don't know enough about it to be convinced. From what I know, it relates to most of my interests in art and computers.
#college-major #multimedia #college

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Deborah Jun 02, 2020 968 views

I would like a job where you can travel around the world, what kind of jobs do that? How can I take over the corrupt DCFS system?

#economics My name is Deborah and I like warm places. I am a people person, so I would like to travel around the world and learn different cultures. When I go to college I want to major in business so I can take over the corrupt DCFS system as well as build a better place for orphans....

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Ishmeal Jun 02, 2020 642 views

How can I be a photographer?

I am doing great.I love Photography.I always like to capture the moment and explore beautiful adventures to see and share nature's wonderful creations.