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What is the difference between a Production Artist and a true Graphic Designer?

I am a student at Mississippi State University in their Graphic Design program. I am about to take a production course and I need some clarification on the difference of a Production Artist vs a True Graphic Design position #design #artist #graphics #production #multimedia #visual-arts #visual-design #visual-studio

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2 answers

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Vivian’s Answer

Hi Jeremy,

Essentially, being a production artist and graphic designer are the same thing. However, it really depend on where you work and how they define it. I once worked at a printing company that had me down as a production artist, which meant, I was prepping design files sent to me by clients. I would double check to make sure everything is ready to be made into metal plates, where it would be use to print on paper. I guess, that's why they call it a production artist.

As for being a graphic design, you have more freedom to be creative. Be it logo design, website/app design to billboards and poster designs. You are to dream up and create something out of nothing.

When I worked at the printing company, some times clients would come to us with a vision and I got to work on my graphic design skills. I hope this helps clarify some things. Good luck!

Dream big, Vivian

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Charles’s Answer

It depends where you work. A production artist in shop could be building sets or props. In another place could be doing the same as a designer. Designers usually are in front of computer doing graphics and animation. Some maybe doing the role as an art director.