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What do you need to become a police captain?

I am so curious. #police #patrol-officer

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1 answer

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Archana’s Answer


The decision to join the police force is often speckled with dreams of protecting the community through the confines of the law. As with any profession, the promise of advancement can motivate some people to higher levels. Becoming a police captain is no exception. The competition for the position is often highly fierce. However, you can work toward becoming a police captain by following some basic steps.

Pursue a degree in criminal justice before joining the force. This degree is recommended for promotion and higher end positions. Pick from among criminal justice, criminology or sociology programs.

Successfully complete boot camp training and entry-level status in police force. Work diligently and always demonstrate your sense of integrity and knowledge to build a good resume and investigate the possibility of promotion.

Pay special attention to police force politics and network with important officials to help your chances of being considered for a Lieutenant's position. Know that most civil agencies require 4 to 8 years of criminal justice service to qualify for police captain positions.

Take some management certification classes. Be active in your community outside of the force to show dedication and commitment to upholding community standards and outstanding leadership skills.

Hope the above information helps. This may not be all that is needed to know, but should be able to give you direction at least.


Archana Jain