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How long is the application process to join ICE

I'm just wondering how long is the application process to become and ICE agent #federal-government #homeland-security #federal-agent

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1 answer

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Gabriel’s Answer

Hi Jacky,

Thanks for the question. According to a listing on for a "Customs and Border Protection Officer" the entry-level requirements are:

"a. Three years of general work experience that demonstrates the ability to meet and deal with people and the ability to learn and apply a body of facts; OR

b. A bachelor's degree from an accredited or pre-accredited college or university; OR

c. A combination of successfully completed post-high school education and general work experience. This will be calculated using your resume and unofficial transcripts submitted with your application."

So, you'd need around 3-4 years of work/education experience as a minimum requirement. For example, a two-year associate's degree and one year of experience as a security officer may meet these requirements. Another example could be earning your bachelor's degree and then applying. There is also a 30 day pre-academy orientation requirement followed by a 17-19 week academy training in Georgia.

These are the most basic requirements, but here's a link to the job description for more information:

Best of luck!