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Career Questions tagged Private

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Aug 26, 2022 155 views

What is a day in the life of a private household cook like?

Say i wanted to be a Cook for a private household, what would that day consist of? Would it be busy or a slow day. Who would i be cooking for and how long would i be working there during the day

Mitchell’s Avatar
Mitchell Apr 07, 2020 600 views

What is the best way to get into private security.

I am working a base level security job and want to further myself into a very professional environment. #security #private security

Adeline’s Avatar
Adeline Aug 20, 2018 514 views

After reciving your PHD how hard is it to open your own profitable practice?

#private practice

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Jul 11, 2018 492 views

The reality of ivy league universities and private institutions

Since I was little, my peers have often talked about great universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, etc. While looking at it from a strategic point of view, it is great to be accepted into such a low acceptance school, and to graduate from such an institution would surely guarantee work...

Anisa’s Avatar
Anisa Apr 23, 2018 387 views

Do students from private or public schools have a high chance of getting into selective colleges?

I'm considering transfering out of my high school, a private high school, but I am wondering if it will hurt me later on. I want to be homeschooled and get my education through an online high school to graduate early. But will that affect my chances of getting into a very selective school such...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Mar 13, 2018 628 views

What are the differences between education at a public university and a private university, if any?

Many teens struggle to decide between attending a public or a private university. Should one be valued more than the other? If so, why? Personally, I believe it depends on the major one is pursuing.
#public #private #university #cost #value #major

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Oct 30, 2016 716 views

what type of degree would best prepare me for a career in homeland security?

I am interested in security firms that contract with the government for homeland security. #federal-government #federal-agent #contractors #private-investigations #federal-air-marshal #private

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda May 25, 2016 835 views

How do I find grants for opening a nursery school after I finish by BA

I would like to have a nursery school for under 3 years old. I would like to find out how to search for monies to start this business. #business #school #grants #early-childhood-education #owners #private #nursery