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How do I find grants for opening a nursery school after I finish by BA

Updated Stanford, California

I would like to have a nursery school for under 3 years old. I would like to find out how to search for monies to start this business. #business #school #grants #early-childhood-education #owners #private #nursery

2 answers

Renee’s Answer

Updated California, California

Hi Amanda,

Go to your City and request one of them. They love to help people that are helping others. It is in how you tell your story. Let them know about how your nursery helps families, moms, etc. Why you need the money. How you affect the lives of children.

Here are a list of other Grants:

  1. (EARLY EDUCATION) A.L. Mailman Family Foundation,  www.mailman.org/guidelines/index.html
  2. Bridgestone Firestone Trust Fund https://www.bridgestoneamericas.com/en/corporate-social-responsibility/community/trust-fund-application
  3. DanPaul Foundation - National http://www.danpaulfoundation.org/

Good Luck!

JoAnn’s Answer

Updated Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

Hi Amanda - you may want to explore the below site. There are sections on Funding, by Federal, State, Private and more. Good luck!