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Why do some universities push you towards a career where you have no experience?

My professors are great, but I am finding that now that I am in the work force that I do not have the proper background for the position. How can they guide you you one way because you do feel passion for it, but didn't know you will never be a complete success. You owe money and you need to work and you thought getting a better education would give you more, but it doesn't even let you in the door. #college-major #college-admissions #government #recruiting #homeland-security #legislative-research

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2 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi, Melissa!

Here are nine tips on how to be happy at a job you hate:

  • Stay out of drama. Keep away from contentious people.

  • Initiate a new project. Tie it to a new skill you want to learn or practice.

  • Choose a better perspective. Look for opportunities and wins instead of shortcomings and faults.

  • Find a buddy. Research shows people that have friends at work have a higher rate of career satisfaction.

  • Learn something new. Read a book, read an article, take an on-line course. Find a way to get new information and let it inspire you.

  • Practice gratitude. Be grateful for what you do have and what you have the potential to create.

  • Stop talking about how bad things are. Lift the weight of your environment by speaking positively about your work, your co-workers, and your company.

  • Keep working towards your passion. Whether it is five hours or five minutes, find a way to incorporate what you are passionate about into your routine.

  • Get a life. If you are pouring all of yourself into work that’s not satisfying, create a better balance by adding more “extra-curricular” activities.

Bottom line: You don’t have to be miserable even if you are in a miserable job. Taking responsibility for creating your own happiness at work puts you back in the driver’s seat of your career where you belong.


I wish you good luck!!!!

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Collette’s Answer


Interesting question you have posed. The first thing I picked up on was that you use very strong language like "pushed' and "never".

Part of the role of educators is to inspire, support their students passions, and to mentor students so the student can maximize their strengths and eventually do what they love doing.

Education alone is never enough to prepare someone for their career path nor is it a guarantee of success. Actually, if we review the lives of successful people (definition of success is also subjective), we'd discover that success really stems from one's own passion, drive, and motivation. They are successful, because they often are doing what they love, which brings them joy and a positive attitude, and motivates them to work even harder. They often set goals and plan out how to reach those goals. Each task completed in the plan is a stepping stone to successfully reaching that goal. When things get tough, these stepping stones literally become a measure of their success, which helps them visualize how far they have come and close they are to reaching their goal!

Goals and life organically change overtime and this is okay! You have your ENTIRE life to reach them too!! So, the word "never" should be erased from your vocabulary. You haven't reached your goal yet and that is okay.

The first step is to DEFINE your goal(s) on PAPER - make them concrete and establish a realistic timeline for reaching them.

The second step is to get a PLAN that you can execute to reach those goals.

The third step it to fine a MENTOR who will tell you like it is and hold you accountable. YOU, only you are responsible for the SUCCESS of YOUR life. NO ONE will EVER be as INVESTED as YOU!

The fourth step is to get the TOOLS you need to succeed. You mentioned debt. check out this awesome budgeting app called EveryDollar found at ITS FREE!!!! I have downloaded the app on my cellphone and use it everyday!! Also, I highly recommend Dave Ramsey's book, Total Money Makeover and his course, Financial Peace which is offered at various churches and other groups. He also has a radio show and a youtube channel that is also inspirational.

The fifth and final step is EXECUTING your Plan!! You got this!!!