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I am taking free courses that lead to certification with FEMA, will this be beneficial for government position?

Asked Orlando, Florida

I just received my Master's in Criminal Justice in Homeland Security and am now taking some online courses with FEMA and may start on some courses regarding statistics and the Design of Experiments. Would these be beneficial topics to get with to obtain a way into the government? #criminal-justice #human-resources #government #recruiting #criminology #legal #homeland-security #fema

1 answer

Christopher’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Any amount of new learning will be beneficial, it would just matter how you add it to your resume. Employers love to see certifications, this tells them you know your stuff. Only include the certificates that are pertinent to the job, if it has nothing to do specifically with the job, don't distract by including it.

Thank you very much for the information.
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