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What do you have to do to prepare yourself to become an FBI agent?

Asked Lynn, Massachusetts

I want to major in criminal justice, and I definitely want to become an FBI agent or a chief executive in anything in a criminal justice field. #criminal-justice #criminology #federal-government #fbi #homeland-security #criminal-law

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Holly’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Hi Elba, Criminal Justice degree you can begin with an AAS and become employed quickly in the field of Criminal Justice. I would start at a community college because it is much less than a four year college. If you can. If you can go to a four year college by all means go. I would start applying at colleges in your area that have criminal justice degrees. If the college's are full or have long waiting list then move on to a post secondary college. The degree is still good Just make sure they have national or regional accrediation so that your GPA will transfer to a four year college. This is important. You can go to a college that is post secondary and get a bachelors in Criminal Justice too. This is an accelerated course that you can get through quickly and with grants, loans from the gov. through FASFA. You need to find the college. Then find out if that college is a good fit for you and what you intend to do. Find out what colleges that the FBI are doing internships from. You can call or write to the FBI. I do know that they are hiring and so is the CIA these are clandenstine jobs and you do not want to tell people you are applying for work with them. Keep it within your family parameter. After you find the college you will need the college code to put in the FASFA for your grants and loans. If you do not know how to fill out your FASFA then I suggest the help from local agencies in your area such as local youth centers, your parents, your high school counsellor. I think you will make a fine agent. Be safe and good luck on your great road a great path to follow. I wish I had taken that road. I always wanted to work for the CIA or FBI I am too old now. So go for it. YOU CAN DO IT.!!!!!!!!

I just stumbled across this post because of how interesting the question was, and I absolutely love the enthusiasm in your response. I already feel encourage even though I'm not pursuing the same career, thank you!
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