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How can my major affect my career?

I am a young female deciding which major I should take that'll help me most in a career law enforcement and homeland security. #police #homeland-security

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2 answers

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Ryan’s Answer


I first wish to commend you on seeking a career in helping others. These careers certainly do not bring a lavish lifestyle with them but they do provide you with a sense of personal reward. With regards as to what you may wish to major in, it can be overwhelming. Over the years, I have worked with many individuals who had majored in one subject in college only to not be in that field in their professional life.

In no specific order may I suggest you look into the following majors:

Criminal Justice
Forensic science
Homeland Security
Computer Forensics
Crime Scene Investigation
Emergency Management
National Security

When deciding on your major choose one that may offer the courses that are of interest. For example, if you aren’t a fan of science, then Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science may not be the best option. While a major does influence prospective employers, your grades, and educational courses play a bigger role. I also suggest seeking out tools that make you a better candidate: learn a foreign language, complete the NIMS 100/700 ( ) volunteer at your local police department, and most of all NETWORK!

I hope this advice was of use, and wish you success with your career aspirations!


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Gary’s Answer

Ryan provided you with a great answer above. I will add that I agree 100% that sometimes what you major in during college will not be the same as later career choices in life, this is why it is important to take other courses as electives in areas that interest you. For example, taking IT/computer classes is always helpful in today's can also choose a minor with your degree plan that can offer other career fields. Criminal Justice is closely related to other career fields like Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Political Science, Public Administration and even Business/CyberSecurity these days.
You may even want to consider to majoring in another field and take a minor in Criminal Justice.
Hope this helps...good luck!