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Whats are the best beauty schools in California

im a 16 year old high school student and i wanted to know whats the best beauty school in my area #school #job #high-school #cosmetology #makeup #beauty #hair

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2 answers

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Holly’s Answer

Marinello, Paul Mitc. They are both beauty schools here in CA. Marinello would be my choice they offer financial aide to help you get this rough the process. before going you know hair dressers do not make very much money. The living is difficult and you are renting booths out from others that own the shop, or you can open your own shop, or you can work for places like Supercuts. Fantastic Sams, and they pay min. wage plus tips. I would really reconsider a post secondary school with something that is in high demand. I have many friends who went through beauty school are not quite making ends meet. The paycheck is not steady and varies on customer clients and the repore you build. Most people are now doing their own hair. However, if you have a passion for that go for it be happy just know you will be on a budget. I would do this as a second job. I hope that helped you . I want you to get the full scope. If you take hair do nails, makeup so you have various skills when hair is not panning out you can be doing nails. Good luck.

Thank You :) Melissa S.

Good luck! Holly Z.

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Tommy’s Answer

The best beauty school is the cheapest one. Look at a beauty school as solely a licensing platform. You will learn about all the procedures that will help you get your license- your permit to touch another human being. As far as technique, trends, and styles, you can always learn and develop after you master the fundamentals.