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What does a recruiter for a fashion/retail company look for in entry level candidates?

Updated San Francisco, California

I would love to work in the fashion industry one day, so i'd like to know how to prepare for interviewing for entry level jobs either during or right out of school. How can I be sure to secure that first interview? What should I be sure to include in my cover letter? Are there any activities etc. that I should definitely have done and on my resume?

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2 answers

Meghan’s Answer

Updated Burlingame, California

Hi Stacy!

There are a number of things you can do to put yourself in the best position possible for a career in fashion.

First- which area in fashion do you want to work in? Design, sales, marketing, advertising, buying, pattern making; etc? Fashion is a wide and complex industry with many parts. Before determining what you should do to get there; figure out where you want to go.

Based on your goal- the next step is to declare a major that will allow you to be prepared for that role. Example: If you want to be a Fashion Designer, you want to have a major or courses in fashion design (of course), pattern-making, textiles, auto-cad, graphics, and other arts. If you want to be in on the business side of things- majors or courses in marketing, advertising, corporate communications, finance, and management would be best.

Third, as a student- you want to make sure you have at least one internship under your belt by the time you graduate. Whether a short-term summer internship, or a internship that is long-term throughout the year- find one that is inline with where you want to be. If you're lucky, you may find an internship that pays. However, what should matter in the quality of the experience and the company.

Find a part-time job in the fashion world. Even a job a Sales Associate at a store in your local mall will provide you with first-hand experience in the industry that can build your experience from the ground up, and show where you want to be. Nothing beats learning first hand.

Lastly, join student organizations. Fashion and arts clubs is where you want to be. If one at your school doesn't exist, make your own! Employers love candidates who take on initiative and leadership roles.

Thanks so much Meghan! That's the thing, i'm not exactly sure what area of fashion I want to be in.. I just know it's what I'm most interested in. Do you have any recommendations?

Renee’s Answer

The key to getting into retail is being persistent and following up with the companies you've applied with. Send an email, make a phone call, or meet with management face to face. Retail management also love to hear the words "open availability" .