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Career Questions tagged Skateboarding

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Avery Jun 04 180 views

I'm getting trash talked at work, what do I do??

(TLDR at the end, but I would recommend you actually read the whole thing.) I'm 15 and I work with some other teenagers so my mom said it was normal im getting trash talked since. yknow. they're teens. But it's not the teens that i'm having a problem with, It's the literal grown adults. I...

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Avery May 12 445 views

Can I say i'm 16 instead of 15 when i'm applying for a job that says 16+?

A skateboard/retail shop is currently hiring and I've been thinking of working here ever since I turned 15 since I know how to skate. I would love to have an opportunity there, but i'm 1 year under the age requirement. I'm willing to take the risk of getting in trouble, but the question is if I...

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Trevor Jan 16, 2018 1603 views

Why don’t colleges support extreme sports?

The skateboarding and surfing industry is expanding endlessly, and almost all colleges continue to support team sports, while starting a Surf team is difficult at most universities. Skateboarding and surfing will be in the olympics soon as well. #sports #skateboarding #surfing #athletics...

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christopher Oct 20, 2017 1328 views

What careers are there in skateboarding?

I am a 14 year old skateboarder. I am thinking of going to college, and I was thinking, " What careers are there in skateboarding or skating technology." #tech #skateboard #skateboarding #career #career-counseling

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Joshua Jan 23, 2012 3653 views

what's a good way to choose between basketball and skateboarding as a career?

I'm a 15 year old sophomore having trouble choosing between basketball a skateboarding. I like them both equally but I want to pick something that I can go far with as a career choice. #career-choice #basketball #skateboarding

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Joshua Jan 20, 2012 5243 views

What would help me on my path to becoming a professional skateboard designer?

I'm a sophomore at the age of 15. I would like to learn how to skate and design skateboards. #design #arts #graphics #skateboarding

Cdunkley13NFTEBOSS’s Avatar
Cdunkley13NFTEBOSS Jan 19, 2012 2322 views

How do i get sponsored as a professional athlete?

i'm in the 11th grade and i love skateboarding and would like to make a career out it. what are some things you can help me with. #sports #sports-management #athlete #skateboarding