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what's a good way to choose between basketball and skateboarding as a career?

I'm a 15 year old sophomore having trouble choosing between basketball a skateboarding. I like them both equally but I want to pick something that I can go far with as a career choice. #career-choice #basketball #skateboarding

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3 answers

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Akshat’s Answer

We'd never be able to help you answer that question. You need to look inside yourself and say, "What am I MOST passionate about? If I were to teach someone about my passion, what would I teach them?" If you still can't figure out the answer, then it really means you're not passionate about either. It really means you just "like them both a lot."

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Mahendra’s Answer

Both are Amazing sports. I have played both, at least at school & college levels. I have had the same confusion. but still played both. Not a great player though but I liked it a lot.
I think the way this world is going. Its gone crazy. I thing you should to. Try some thing different. Try this SKATE & BASKET THE BALL THE SAME TIME. See how you feel!!!. Ensure you got the Helmet & pads on though....Cheers!! : )

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Jackie’s Answer

This is always a tough decision to make; when I was in high school I dealt with the same situation between Volleyball and Gymnastic as they were taught in the same season. In the end I chose the sport that I felt I was more dedicated to and that challenged me everyday.

I grew up playing Gymnastics but Volleyball had been new for me so both were difficult decisions to make. I realized that I spent much of my years playing softball so I decided to devote more time to Volleyball.

This is also a sport I felt that I could succeed in more because I was better at it and it was something that kept me more excited to wake up and go play. Also, think about which sports you would prefer doing on your off days.