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Renee W.’s Avatar
Renee W. Mar 13, 2020 733 views

What does a career in data science look like?

I've been hearing a lot about machine learning and data science, it seems interesting. What are the job prospects like? How much money do you make? What type of problems do you work on? datascience data technology career...


Aniya W.’s Avatar
Aniya W. Oct 15, 2020 1008 views

Would is be smart for me to double major in finance and information systems, and get a master's in finance? If, so what career opportunities will I have?

I'm a senior, and by the time I graduate high school, I will have an AA degree. I'm thinking of a career in fintech, but I'm not sure. I do want to study finance, and I'm interested in technology. major college high-school career finance informationSystems technology doublemajor...


Yazmin P.’s Avatar
Yazmin P. Nov 30, 2020 2188 views

What is the difference between the job of a Data Engineer and a Data analytics ?

I am currently applying to internships, and there are two roles available. These roles seem similar, so I am wondering if there is anyone from the industry that can further explain. Thank you. GivingisCaring dataengineering engineering...