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Laney’s Avatar
Laney Jan 25, 2021 678 views

What questions should I ask when visiting a college?

I am touring colleges this week and 2 of them are being led by students.#college

Marissa’s Avatar
Marissa Jan 26, 2021 489 views

How many students are in a college dorm during the first year?


Mitchell’s Avatar
Mitchell Sep 17, 2016 718 views

Are you allowed to put any of your professors down as references for applying to job?

I have never actually asked any of my professors this question. To me it sure seems like a very good idea because they are the ones who see how dedicated you are, motivated, and willing you are to work. Not to mention all the effort and devotion you put into your grades. I hope that this can...

Kaven’s Avatar
Kaven May 23, 2018 670 views

What was the most insightful life lesson you learned while interning?

#intern #interns #internship #internships

Laney’s Avatar
Laney Jan 25, 2021 339 views

What jobs could I get with getting a degree in hospitality?

I am looking to go to college to major in hospitality. #college-major

Dallas’s Avatar
Dallas Jan 22, 2021 263 views

How hard is it to climb into a higher position in a bigger company/how long does it take?

I’m in the 11th grade and I like to play baseball and am very interested in pursuing something business related after school. #school #general

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Jan 23, 2021 978 views

What is a Student Ambassador and How Can I Become One?

What are the benefits of being a student ambassador?
#student #student-ambassador

Whitney’s Avatar
Whitney Jan 24, 2021 315 views

What should students look for when applying to college?


Aniya’s Avatar
Aniya Oct 15, 2020 1827 views

Would is be smart for me to double major in finance and information systems, and get a master's in finance? If, so what career opportunities will I have?

I'm a senior, and by the time I graduate high school, I will have an AA degree. I'm thinking of a career in fintech, but I'm not sure. I do want to study finance, and I'm interested in technology. #major #college #high-school #career #finance #informationSystems #technology #doublemajor...

Angie’s Avatar
Angie Oct 23, 2020 373 views

What is something that you know now that you wish you knew before/during college?

I am a high school senior looking to perfect my pathway for the future. I am accepted into Cedarville University in southern Ohio, and I plan to to major in Early Childhood Education. After college, I plan to become a teacher for a grade level between kindergarten and 5th grade....

Madeline’s Avatar
Madeline Sep 27, 2017 2730 views

Question for professionals at PwC! What is your favorite part of your job and what is the most challenging part?

What is your favorite part about your job? What is the most challenging part of your job? How do you honestly feel about your job and your career goals? Do you feel satisfied in your life being in the finance industry? How do you contribute to the better whole of society working the job you...

arturo’s Avatar
arturo Aug 16, 2019 287 views

How do people advance in position in this field ?

I am Arturo , and I will want to be a HVAC tech in el paso. the companys name is GMS. #career #career-path #career-choice #job

Tomi’s Avatar
Tomi Aug 03, 2020 740 views

How do I continue my career path?

I'm wondering on how to continue my career path because I've already started planning out what I wanted to do when I got older. I already know what major I want to study (Computer Engineering) and what interests me such as robotics, coding, and apps. But what I don't know is where that will...

Yixuan’s Avatar
Yixuan Apr 21, 2020 438 views

As a non-ComputerScience student, how can I get a job in data science?

I am a student in Geoscience with great passion in Data Science, I self-learned many data science courses in Coursera and conducted several projects. My dream job is data analyst/scientist. I am not sure how to get the 1st job/intern/part-time in the data science. Any advices?? Thank you....

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Dec 17, 2018 993 views

What are some tips when it comes to making a resume?

I am currently looking for internships in the accounting field. I have never made a resume and don't have any work experience so I am unsure of how to start and what to include in my first resume. I am also wondering what do employers look for in a resume. #resume #internship #job-application...