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McKinney, Texas
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Amanda’s Career Goals

I want to study maternal-fetal health and become a fetal surgeon. My goal is to help lower the global mortality rate by providing quality diagnostic care to under-served women.



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Amanda Apr 12, 2023 2051 views

Public Health or Biochemistry?

I'm an incoming college freshman, and I'm debating whether I should major in public health or biochemistry as a pre-med student. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both majors in preparation for medical school and other healthcare careers or graduate school paths?

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Amanda Apr 12, 2023 810 views

As pre-med student, is it more beneficial to attend a cheap, less prestigious university or a more expensive university with a better pre-med program?

At one institution, I received a full-tuition scholarship, and it's close enough that I can live at home. However, it has limited pre-med opportunities outside of the curriculum. At the other institution, I received zero financial aid but was accepted to a prestigious honors pre-med program...

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Amanda Aug 06, 2022 709 views

What is the best way to get a medical assisting internship?

I'm a high school senior who just earned her CCMA (certified clinical medical assistant) through my school's technical certification program. I'm also BLS certified. I'm trying to find clinics to shadow and assist, but I'm not sure how to contact clinics, nor do I know which clinics are most...

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Amanda Mar 05, 2021 881 views

Choosing a Healthcare Career

How do you choose which healthcare career is best for you? I know I want to be a hospital executive, but I'd also like to be a physician beforehand. I'm just not sure which specialty would be best for me. Any advice on discovering which healthcare career would suit a person the most?...

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Amanda Mar 05, 2021 471 views

What are Possible Careers in the Neurology Pathway?

I'm interested in healthcare and studying the brain, but I'm not familiar with the different opportunities associated with neurology, especially since medicine is such a diverse field.
#healthcare #medicine #neurology

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Amanda Jan 23, 2021 1945 views

What is a Student Ambassador and How Can I Become One?

What are the benefits of being a student ambassador?
#student #student-ambassador

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Amanda Jan 23, 2021 632 views

What Types of Translating Opportunities are Offered to Teens?

I'd like to take advantage of the fact that I'm bilingual to volunteer virtually during the pandemic, but most of the opportunities I come across are specifically for people over the age of 18.
#high-school-student #translating-opportunities #bilingual #volunteering

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Amanda Jan 08, 2021 1798 views

What are Specific Advantages of Being Bilingual in Healthcare?

I'm bilingual and I understand the general usefulness of it, but I'd like a deeper insight into how being bilingual can make a positive impact in healthcare, as well as opportunities relating to it.
#bilingual #healthcare #medicine

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Amanda Jan 03, 2021 939 views

What Types of Leadership Roles are Offered in Healthcare?

I want to familiarize myself with the types leadership roles within healthcare so I can have a better understanding of what my options are, outside of the obvious (ex: CEO). I'm specifically interested in hospital administration, but I'm open to all types of leadership roles. #healthcare...

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Amanda Dec 31, 2020 689 views

Which Areas of Healthcare are Most Overlooked?

I want to explore where I can make a bigger impact in the future.
#healthcare #medicine #opportunities

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Amanda Dec 31, 2020 1047 views

Virtual Volunteering for Teens Interested in Healthcare

I was wondering what types of virtual volunteering opportunities would be available for high school students looking to contribute to, and gain experience in, healthcare? It seems both my age and virtual approach have limited my options, but I really want to help out somehow. #healthcare...

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Amanda Dec 29, 2020 500 views

Path to Hospital Administration

I'm a high school student passionate about business and healthcare, and I'm intrigued by the role of hospital CEO's. I was wondering about the different paths and qualifications required to become a hospital administrator starting from high school graduation so I could know whether I would have...