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Career Questions tagged Advising

Briana C.’s Avatar
Briana C. Feb 26 107 views

How do I become a college and career advisor?

I want to work with high school students and help them plan their goals for after high school. high-school high-school-students high-school high-school-students advising...


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Halie U. Dec 03, 2020 110 views
Trayvon S.’s Avatar
Trayvon S. Aug 16, 2018 348 views
Lauryn J.’s Avatar
Lauryn J. May 06, 2016 603 views

How do you get internships for music corporations?

I really want to pursue a career in the music industry. advising music...


Valentina  D.’s Avatar
Valentina D. May 19, 2016 600 views

Best website for scholarships?

I would like to save as much money as possible when I go to college. Where should I apply for scholarships? college scholarships counselor academic-advising advising...


Kartik C.’s Avatar
Kartik C. Sep 02, 2016 541 views

How to get an on-campus job while doing Masters?

I am pursuing my Masters in UT Arlington, and I am interested in building up my profile. advice academic-advising advising college-advising...


Susanne B.’s Avatar
Susanne B. May 11, 2016 1407 views

How did you feel when you first left off for college?

I have never been away from home for very long. I am a home body. I am anxious, but I am also very nervous. I just wanted to know if that was normal and if you could share your own personal experiences. college human-resources help life-coach...


Valentina  D.’s Avatar
Valentina D. May 19, 2016 578 views

Should I go to the Navy?

Should I go to the Navy after I get my associates degree or after I become a physician assistant? counselor navy united-states-navy advising...


Valentina  D.’s Avatar
Valentina D. May 19, 2016 675 views

Would it be bad to get a bachelor's degree at a state college instead of a university?

I live about 20 minutes away from a state college that offers a bachelor's degree in Biology. That is what I plan to major in regardless of what school I to attend. I would rather go to a state college because I can live at home and I will save about 40,000 dollars, if I attend the state...

academic-advisor advisory-boards counselor advising

Kyle H.’s Avatar
Kyle H. May 15, 2016 573 views

When should I decide on a major?

I don't want to have to redo classes in college, when should I be decided on my major?...


Karen E.’s Avatar
Karen E. May 14, 2016 614 views

How do I stay on top of homework and still get a proper amount of sleep?

This past semester has been, for lack of a better word, a nightmare. It is not the first semester where I have had to pull multiple all-nighters within the same week, but it has resulted in the most. I work hard in my classes to achieve nice grades, but sacrifice much sleep along the way. I...

psychology advising early-childhood-education