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How do I stay on top of homework and still get a proper amount of sleep?

This past semester has been, for lack of a better word, a nightmare. It is not the first semester where I have had to pull multiple all-nighters within the same week, but it has resulted in the most. I work hard in my classes to achieve nice grades, but sacrifice much sleep along the way. I hardly leave my room other than going to classes or grabbing a bite to eat. Sometimes, I go to the library and stay there working on homework until close. Having a social life is almost non-existent. Going out with a friend for an hour makes me anxious, because I know I'm a slow worker and there is still always homework to do. I've turned myself into a zombie at least four times this semester. #psychology #early-childhood-education #advising

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3 answers

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Wael’s Answer

I am sorry to hear that, but before I answer you I need to know a couple of things.

Are you in university/college or highschool?
What is your courses load? And what is the average load for students like you?
What is your GPA?

Please answer me and I will try my best to help you.

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Scott D.’s Answer

Welcome to college. We all went through what you are going through. Consider it a right of passage.

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Linda Ann’s Answer

I am in agreement with the previous comment to you. You are hurting yourself in the long-run by staying up all night - I suspect you know this already. Getting the proper amount of sleep is necessary for memory formation and for overall health. You need to develop better habits, especially your sleep hygiene habits. You need to plan study time and plan sleep time and stick to a schedule, regardless. Perhaps your course load is too high, given your comment about being a slow worker -