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Mya N. Apr 13, 2016 11614 views

What majors besides criminal justice will help in law enforcement?

I am in 10th grade at Boston Collegiate Charter School and I am interested in a career involving law enforcement. I want to become a U.S. Marshall or something along that path, but I have read in previous questions about law enforcement that a major in criminal justice will not help much. I was...

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Joe M. Apr 13, 2016 888 views

What college would you recommend for criminal justice majors?

I am a sophomore in high school in Boston and I am interested in the criminal justice field, but I do not know the best colleges for this major. I would like to stay in the state of MA if possible. #criminal-justice...


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Diandre' B. May 04, 2016 568 views

Do you need law enforcement background such as security and etc. to be a good cop

I am an explorer and is trying to set my career path #law #police...


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Alisha S. May 05, 2016 6603 views

Psychology and Computer Science?

I'm pretty sure I want to study CS at university but I also have interests in other subjects such as Psychology, Economics, and Education. Is it a good idea to double major in CS and one of these subjects? Which universities, if any, allow this combination? #computer-science #psychology...

#education #economics #double-major

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Mario R. C. May 06, 2016 864 views

Is law enforcement a viable career to raise a family?

I'm considering law enforcement as a career but I'm unsure if the pay is enough to sustain a family, particularly in the Los Angeles area. #police #law-enforcement...


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Calvin K. May 07, 2016 828 views

What Psychology education/degree is right for me?

I want to make good money and have an enjoyable job that I look forward to. I'm interested in the Counselling stream for Psychology, but I'm not sure what the recommended education level is for counselling-related jobs. I've heard a Master's degree is recommended as the minimum level of...

#clinical-psychology #therapy #psychology #therapists #counseling #counseling-psychology

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Deana A. May 08, 2016 657 views

What should I major in?

I want to start a non profit organization about student mental health, but I don't know if I should major in psychology or social work or something else altogether. I only have one year of high school left, so I need to know what I am going to major in once I graduate. Thanks! #college...

#major #sociology #psychology #social-work #nonprofits

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Karen E. May 14, 2016 549 views

How do I stay on top of homework and still get a proper amount of sleep?

This past semester has been, for lack of a better word, a nightmare. It is not the first semester where I have had to pull multiple all-nighters within the same week, but it has resulted in the most. I work hard in my classes to achieve nice grades, but sacrifice much sleep along the way. I...

#early-childhood-education #advising #psychology

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Tomi L. May 14, 2016 561 views

How do I pick a college that will impress people in my field of work?

I want to find a college that suits my needs academically, but also would look nice to a potential employer. There is such a large range of colleges that I have no idea which ones would make an employer want to hire me over another. #psychology...


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Deana A. May 14, 2016 738 views

Undergraduate vs Graduate degree in social work?

What are the differences in classes and the college experience between earning a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in social work? #psychology #degree #social-work...


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Tishina D. May 15, 2016 528 views

What does work as a psychiatrist entail?

I enrolled as a psychology major at Rutgers and am interested in pursuing a career as a psychiatrist but am unsure if this is the right choice for me. I am more interested in the science and research aspect of this field rather than the communication aspect. Should I look into another career...

#psychiatry #psychologist #psychology #psychiatrists

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emily Y. May 15, 2016 617 views

What should I focus on when choosing what field of psychology I want to go into?

There are so many opportunities and different career paths, it makes it hard to focus on just one....


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Katelyn T. May 16, 2016 450 views

What degrees or special certifications are needed to be a psychiatric nurse?

This is what I aspire to do when I'm older, and I was wondering in case one had to minor in psychology #psychology #nursing...


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Sophia T. May 16, 2016 670 views

If I want to become a professor for either Biology or Psychology, should i be doing what I'm doing?

Hello! I want to become a professor and I'm doing a double major right now, one in Psychology and another in Biology with a concentration in Neurology. I do not know if i should continue onto getting a Masters in which ever subject i choose and then try to get a job in that career field, and...

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