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What if I made a typo on my college application?

Should I call attention to the typo if it's minor, like leaving out the word "the" or forgetting a period?
Should I just keep the error? #college #psychology #college-major #college-admissions #college-bound #clinical-psychology #college-applications #personal-statements

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2 answers

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Kim’s Answer



If this is a paper application (does such a thing even exist?) then go ahead and neatly strike through the error, initial it, and correct it. (this shows that you proof-read your work!) Otherwise, relax. It's the overall content of the application, and your scholastic record, that is being evaluated. Any school that would deny you admission over something so petty does not deserve to have you as a student! And this is true throughout your professional life. Always remember the value that YOU bring to the table!


Hi Ms. Igleheart, that's a very reassuring answer. Thank you! Vera L.

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Scott D.’s Answer

I am not sure on a college application that it is necessary to fix a minor typo but this should be somewhat of a wakeup call for you. It is essential that you double and maybe triple check for typos and grammar errors on job applications. On the occasions that I have hired people I did look at this. It reflects your ability to pay attention to details and to write reports accurately. Those that had these types of errors generally never got offered an interview despite their overall credentials for the position.

The issue is actually that so many people checked my application! I had two UCLA reps, 2 interns, my whole family, and one professional author. They all gave me revisions and in revising, I forgot to write the word 'the'. I'm normally very careful. Thank you for your answer :) Vera L.

Wow! You are very lucky that your proofreading pool actually gives you feedback. I was going to suggest that you always have someone else proofread your work, as it is difficult to catch your own mistakes. When doing on-line applications, you can copy/paste to MS Word and use the spelling/grammar check features that it offers. Of course, it won't catch everything either, but it is a very good tool. It has taught me about split-infinitives, something I never grasped in school. Keep putting this much effort into everything you do, and you will go far! Kim Igleheart