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Elliott Jan 08, 2017 1013 views

If I want to be an artist in the gaming industry, is it best to go to college first?

Right now I'm a running art student and I have decided that I want to be a concept artist. I am thinking about going to Digipen in Redmon WA but its expensive. Is it worth it to go to art school, or should I try to start working right away? I have a lot of motivation to go far in this field,...

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Elliott Jan 06, 2017 1135 views

If I'm undecided between two career paths, how do I determine which one will be best for me?

My plan at the moment is to become a psychologist, but I'm still on the fence about whether I want to be a psychologist or a concept artist. Both of these paths are drastically different, so how do I pick between them? #college #psychology #art #higher-education #time-management #undecided

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Elliott Jan 05, 2017 1341 views

Will working jobs outside of the field Im majoring in be beneficial to my career in the long run?

I want to become a psychologist but the work available to me has nothing to do with psychology. Can working at target or safeway while im in college help further my career? #college #psychology #art #higher-education #politics #project-management

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Elliott Jan 05, 2017 1349 views

Whats a good topic for a psychology PhD dissertation?

Id like to become a clinical psychologist, while I have a ways to go I want to get a head start on my dissertation. #college #business #psychology #higher-education

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Elliott Jan 04, 2017 1696 views

Is there such a thing as too much ambition? How do I decide what activities i should put effort into most?

I have a lot of ideas and interests, but not all of them fall in line with my career aspirations. This is a general question for experienced ambitious people. Im a student aspring to become a clinical psychologist, but I also want to be involved in politics, and i have numerous hobbies. What...