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Would it be bad to get a bachelor's degree at a state college instead of a university?

I live about 20 minutes away from a state college that offers a bachelor's degree in Biology. That is what I plan to major in regardless of what school I to attend. I would rather go to a state college because I can live at home and I will save about 40,000 dollars, if I attend the state college nearby. Is this a good idea or should I go to a known university because it looks better on my resume? #counselor #academic-advisor #advising #advisory-boards

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Yvette’s Answer

I think it's best to consider what you are able to afford. If money isn't a factor then it doesn't really matter where you go; however, if it is then you should definitely consider the cheaper option. I do recommend going away from home for college though because it helps you to grow more. There are many ways to save money while being away such as becoming a Resident Assistant or living off campus vs on campus.