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How can a student with Bachelor's in Mechanical build up his profile and knowledge while Mastering in Information Systems?

Many students realize their interest late, and hence end up changing their field during Masters. #college-advice #academic-advising #career-advice #business-analysis #advising #college-advising

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2 answers

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Kendra’s Answer

Hello Kartik,

I felt like I should answer this question because I have gotten my Master's in Information Systems and I know that is not the most common degree.

A lot of my classmates were getting their Master's in IS after working many years in various industries and wanted the IS coursework to help them better utilize data in these various industries. Given that, I would say that you should let your undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering be an asset to your study in Information Systems. For example, I once interviewed for an IS role in the reliability engineering team for an automotive manufacturer.

In today's business, information is the new currency, so there should be quite a few IS opportunities. IS is such a broad field that is has many applications that can range from business development, programming, data analytics, IT project management, etc... It is best to find which aspects interest you the most and pursue it.

I would recommend getting an IS internship while you are doing your Masters, as it always help to get industry experience. When looking for jobs, it is good to check your school's job board as well as attend any university career events. Also, build up your network with your classmates and professors, because you never know who will be able to help you in the future and who you might be able to learn from.

Everything will be ok and you will find that things have a way of turning out alright if you put in the effort.

Hopefully that helps!

  • Kendra

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Wael’s Answer

This is a big switch; however, everything is possible if you give yourself the right amount of time and effort.