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How do you get internships for music corporations?

I really want to pursue a career in the music industry. #advising #music #internships

Here is great website that I use to find my internships. Here is the link: http://www.internships.com/music Devetra C.

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3 answers

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Elizabeth’s Answer

Hi! You need to be in a city where the music companies are. Do you want to work at a record label? Or the music dept. at Disney? The possibilities are out there! LA, Nashville, and NY are the places to be for this. Try to connect with someone at the company where you want to be. Make it personal. Actually write a letter. Emails and social media - everyone does that. You want to stand out. In your letter, tell them how much it means to you and why you want to get into the industry. Be willing to work at any menial job, Sometimes, when you start out in a company, they want to see how badly you want it. Are you willing to get the boss coffee? Bring him his lunch? You may need to start out that way. Be humble and willing to work hard at whatever they give you. Also, research a lot on your own - don't leave it all up to them to teach you everything. Immerse yourself in it. Know your goals but be open to change. I wish you all the best!

Elizabeth recommends the following next steps:

Write a letter to a music executive at the company you want to intern at
Read, read, read about the subject
Pick a genre of music that you like the best and go after a company that represents that style of music

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Daniel’s Answer

Internships are always listed on the careers webpage of all major companies. At our company we are always looking for interns as we rotate every 3-6 months. You are closest to Austin and most record companies have offices there. Also speak with your college counselor as they often have contact information for the internship programs in your area.

Daniel recommends the following next steps:

Go on the Career sites of your favorite companies in your area.

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Wael’s Answer

Check the link below.


Here's a good book: ALL you need to know about the Music Business. by Donald Pressman Robert T Baumer