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Lauryn J. May 06, 2016 524 views

How do you get internships for music corporations?

I really want to pursue a career in the music industry. #advising #music...


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Michael R. Jun 01, 2016 2677 views
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Deniece W. Sep 01, 2017 784 views

Is a degree in music business worth it?

I'm interested in becoming a successful rapper/producer. I know I have the talent, and I have plenty of time to keep improving my skills, but I'm well aware that you need to know a lot about how the business works, how to network, how to market yourself, etc. But there are a lot of online...

#music-performance #music-recording #music-industry #music-production

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Gabriel E. Sep 01, 2017 303 views

How much longer will it take me to get my my masters in both music education and performance?

I would like to double major in Music education and performance but i do not know how much longer it will take to have my masters in both degrees? #music-performance...


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Andrew S. Jan 10, 2018 307 views

What plugins are good for mastering tracks?

I get a little stuck when trying to master my tracks with just eq and limiting. So I'm wondering if there are any plugins that would help with mastering my tracks. #sound-design #audio-production...


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Elizabeth H. Jan 21, 2018 261 views

Should I continue to pursue music in college?

I’ve been playing the cello for approximately two years now and it’s been serving me as an outlet for when I become to stress. This has caused it to become a new, favorite hobby but I want to know if I should continue with his hobby or drop and focus on college....


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Sergio Ulices G. Jan 22, 2018 306 views

How successful is the music production/sound engineering field?

How successful is the music production/sound engineering field? My brother is heading into the 3d modeling field for animated features and video games but commented that not many people enter that field so more often than not people find jobs with ease for 3d modeling. I was wondering if this...

#musicproduction #soundengineering #music