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kevin D. May 14, 2016 341 views

painting i career have any job oppertinuties

am kevin from chennai intrested in painting could i have any job oppertinuties in future...


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Rami K. Jul 01, 2016 512 views

How can i get into the music buisness

I have been rapping for 3 years now and I make music and I upload it to soundcloud #music #studio #hip-hop #rap #music-studios...


Amanda V.’s Avatar
Amanda V. Jul 19, 2016 677 views

Can volunteer work help in the long run when it comes to a career?

I'm almost out of college and I've been trying to get a summer job with no success. I would like to do something with my time and I've read somewhere that volunteering is great, especially if its related to your degree. For me, I'm majoring in Art and Design and I've already set up applications...

#arts-and-crafts #volunteering #museums

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Bria B. Sep 22, 2016 480 views

What advice would you have for someone going to interview for an internship in music?

It is always good to receive advice from people who are in the same situation or were in the same situation. #music #music-industry...


DeMarcus F.’s Avatar
DeMarcus F. Oct 22, 2016 614 views

Are your families satisfied with your career choice?

Many families, children especially happen to be unsatisfied with their parents' career choice. Parents are supposed to be the beacon of hope and the people their kids can look up to for their own reasons. When kids aren't happy about their parents' career choice, that leads to resentment and...

#music #information-technology #fashion #information #medicine

Al I.’s Avatar
Al I. Oct 30, 2016 1234 views

Is music a legitimate career?

I have always loved music and I am considering majoring in music. I want to know if I can make a living that way....


Nikki G.’s Avatar
Nikki G. Feb 10, 2017 423 views

If i was a music teacher should I keep up with the music my students would like

I am in a music class and many always complain about the music. #teaching...


Nikki G.’s Avatar
Nikki G. Feb 10, 2017 1002 views

Where is the best place for a music teacher?

I want to move to Alabama but I want to go to the best place possible. #teaching #music...


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Lyndsey H. Feb 17, 2017 426 views

Where are some good schools for recording artists?

I love music! I would like to be a music producer....


Lyndsey H.’s Avatar
Lyndsey H. Feb 17, 2017 405 views

Is nashville a good place to go to be a music producer?

I love music! I would like to be a music...

Lyndsey H.’s Avatar
Lyndsey H. Feb 17, 2017 1211 views

How long does college take to become a music producer?

I love music!...


Lyndsey H.’s Avatar
Lyndsey H. Feb 17, 2017 418 views

Was ot hard to get a music producing business started?

I want to produce music!...


DeMarjae  L.’s Avatar
DeMarjae L. Feb 22, 2017 827 views

How long does it take to become a quality musician?

I play the drums i have been playing since i was 5 and I haven't played in a while and this what i want to do so I am asking this question so I will know for myself if I am working hard enough to reach this goal #music...


Ryan  E.’s Avatar
Ryan E. Mar 08, 2017 619 views

What are some colleges that revolve more around arts and getting students started with animation?

I'm considering becoming a storyboard artist for kids cartoons and new animated films, but I'm not sure where I should go to learn the skills that I would need. My main objective is to get a bachelors degree in arts, but I want to know which colleges are better for becoming a cartoonist....

#animation #fine-art #2d-animation #cartoons #bachelors-degree #artist

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Maria D. Mar 08, 2017 711 views

How can I become a writer with out being afraid?

I am currently a sophomore in high school and I wanna publish a manuscript but I am afraid of what will happen Can you guys give me any advice? #writing #author...