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Bria Sep 22, 2016 810 views

What advice would you have for someone going to interview for an internship in music?

It is always good to receive advice from people who are in the same situation or were in the same situation. #music #music-industry #job-application

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Bria Sep 22, 2016 1300 views

What are the best ways to maintain a work and school balance?

I think many people struggle with this and any type of advice towards this question is valuable. #business #leadership #organization

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Bria Sep 19, 2016 1149 views

Are there any other ways to volunteer for a cause online beside this one?

I want to get more involved in the world and be able to network, or volunteer for activities around the world. The best way as people to connect to each other is through the internet and I want to see if there are other online volunteer options. #volunteering #networking #social-networking

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Bria Sep 19, 2016 1036 views

What is the best ways to find more connections in the industry you are entering as an online student?

I am asking this question because I am an online student entering the music industry and I am trying to build my connections and get more involved. I want to be able to reach out to more people and generate support for others who feel the same way that I do. #college #music #music-industry