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Eddie’s Avatar
Eddie May 03, 2022 422 views

I am a beginning musician. How do I get recognized faster?

I also make music, but writing is my strength. I try to make more and more everyday because it plays a big part with the lyrics. Always try to improve.

Manon’s Avatar
Manon May 25, 2016 862 views

What types of job opportunities are available for a concert pianist?

I am currently a rising high school senior, and I am looking into possibly minoring in piano, or maybe even majoring. I deeply love playing the piano - it is my passion to play it for the rest of my life. I am very worried, however, that I will not be able to find a job if I were to pursue my...

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota May 20, 2016 1115 views

How do you go about getting commissioned as a composer?

I wish to make a living as a working composer and am curious as to how current composers get commissions. #music #music-performance #composition #music-composition

Diamond’s Avatar
Diamond Oct 31, 2018 1080 views

Do most people who major in music finish college?

#music #college #college-major #music-industry

Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 04, 2019 2562 views

Should I Quit Band?

So, there's a lot of problems. My band only has about 20 people. 1 out of our four middle schools are sending up new freshmen to our band. I've also started losing interest in band. Most kids in band are either new/inexperienced, or they just don't practice, and don’t care. Most kids are just...

Sebastian’s Avatar
Sebastian Apr 04, 2018 960 views

What are the requirements to get started in musical engineering?

#music-recording #music-producer #music-production #music

kwabena’s Avatar
kwabena Jan 10, 2018 912 views

As a vocalist how do you get your name out there?

I want to be an iconic figure in my future.#Vocals #vocalist #music #singing #music-business

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Apr 24, 2018 742 views

Why is the music industry dominated by males?

I want to be a music producer and as a female I think it'll be hard because the music industry is dominated by males and there's not enough room for females in the industry and you have to do outrages thing to make it and become successful. #Music #music-industry #gender-equality #career

Beverley’s Avatar
Beverley May 31, 2018 990 views

What are the first steps to making it as a composer or musician?

I intend to double major at Emory with one of the majors being music. I've composed some small ensemble pieces, made a lot of music with Logic, and I've been taking music lessons since I was four. I love it and I want to do it but I'm not sure how to break into the scene. #music #musician...

Joana’s Avatar
Joana Dec 24, 2017 724 views

Is it better to study music at a university or at a community college after high school?

I am a music performance major and will be graduating with my associate's degree when graduating from high school. I would only have to focus on taking music classes. Is there a difference between music classes in college and university? What would you recommend? #music #college-major...

Abbey’s Avatar
Abbey May 18, 2018 886 views

What "unknown" jobs are there in the classical music industry?

I'm a classical pianist, and I want to be a concert pianist. However, I know competition is tough, so I wanted to know what other options I have in the classical music industry besides the usual suspects (teaching and accompanying).
#music #musician #music-industry #classical-music

Lucianna’s Avatar
Lucianna Jan 16, 2018 875 views

What was the most rewarding thing you experienced in a performance or in an audition?

I want to be able to gauge my success better and not just focus on getting into a show or getting a rather large applause. I want to be able to see how other performers view achievements and be able to grow and reflect on that. #vocal #performing-arts #success #voice #music #singing

Ozyria’s Avatar
Ozyria Apr 03, 2018 807 views

How Hard is it To Balance Two Careers?

My two biggest passions in life are music and technical theatre. Because most people in the theatre tech/design world aren't on salary or have a fixed work schedule, I'm curious to know if I could handle being a performing musician as well. In a small, community orchestra (trumpet player). I've...

Kylie’s Avatar
Kylie Apr 04, 2018 739 views

How can I market myself best as a choral music educator?

I'm a junior in high school right now, but I know that I'm destined to be a music teacher. I mostly have experience in a choral setting, and that is my true passion, but I know not many schools will hire someone who only has a choral background or will hire them only as a general music...

Bradley’s Avatar
Bradley Jan 17, 2018 739 views

If I want to be a music teacher, should I choose a school based on their music or education program?

I am deciding between University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa. At the University of Iowa they have a great performance program but Northern Iowa is known for their outstanding teacher education program. #music-performance #choir #vocalmusic #hawkeye #panther #music-education