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I want to be a choral music teacher at the middle or high school level.


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Kylie S. Apr 04, 2018 398 views

What is the hardest part about being a music teacher, and what is the best part about teaching music?

I'm planning on getting my degree in music education (possibly with a choral specialization) and I'm curious as to what the most difficult and most rewarding parts of teaching music are. What can I expect when I start teaching? Are there any skills I can start working on to help overcome...

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Kylie S. Apr 04, 2018 230 views

How can I market myself best as a choral music educator?

I'm a junior in high school right now, but I know that I'm destined to be a music teacher. I mostly have experience in a choral setting, and that is my true passion, but I know not many schools will hire someone who only has a choral background or will hire them only as a general music...

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