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Scott S.’s Avatar
Scott S. Aug 26, 2018 267 views

How should I decide what I want to do in IT?

I love technology, however I have no idea where my career will end up. I know there are many paths in IT, but how should I pick which to pursue?...


Kemi L.’s Avatar
Kemi L. Dec 23, 2016 551 views

What are some of the more competitive jobs for computer science?

I want to know what kind of jobs are competitive in this field....


Ayomide  O.’s Avatar
Ayomide O. Mar 14, 2017 460 views

How can fraternities positively affect your career

I'm a student at Towson university interested in joining omega psi phi fraternity...

David H.’s Avatar
David H. Jan 23, 2018 591 views

Is it best to chase after your dream or financial stability?

Everyone has that one thing they love to do, but know they probably won't make a lot of money from it though. Is it best to put stability over fun and passion? philosophy social-science-phd social-science social-sciences career-counseling career-choice finance business-finance...

purpose career-goals passions

Mounia M.’s Avatar
Mounia M. Feb 13, 2017 583 views

How should I prepare for grad school?

I am going into my senior year as an undergrad and am wondering how I should start preparing for grad school? What are the best ways to prepare for grad school? Should I start applying at the start of my senior year? Or should I wait until I am closer to graduation? Should I hold off on...

college-applications graduate-school career-path college-prep

Kemi L.’s Avatar
Kemi L. Dec 19, 2016 492 views

What is the difference between the GRE and the SAT?

I'm thinking of applying to grad school in the future and I see that the GRE is a requirement. Is it similar to the SAT? Thanks! graduate-school...


Kianna L.’s Avatar
Kianna L. Nov 06, 2021 116 views

What is the best option and advice you’ll give for some one entering the respiratory therapy track ?

I was taking classes at pgcc but they messed up my credits with classes I didn’t need so now I’m looking for a back up option for the same major. college-major major psychology...

Deszirae S.’s Avatar
Deszirae S. Jan 23, 2019 333 views

is it true that you only need a associates degree to become a registered nurse

nursing What path way would help me become a successful...

Katie C.’s Avatar
Katie C. May 18, 2016 1496 views

How do I get an internship at a major music record label?

I will be starting Monmouth University in the fall as a Music Industry major and want to manage recording artists when I graduate. music in...


Emerald S.’s Avatar
Emerald S. Jun 23, 2021 179 views

Job help for a recent psych undergrad

Hello! I'm a recent college graduate who's low-income. I plan to eventually go to graduate school once I can afford it but as I'm entering the "adult" world, I'm curious about what jobs to apply to that still have some relevance to what I studied in school for. There's a research assistant but...

undergraduate psychology college jobhelp

Cristy R.’s Avatar
Cristy R. May 05, 2016 685 views

Should I apply to the business school of my college?

Should I apply to the business school of my university or remain undecided as I enter my freshmen year of college? I am not passionate about this major but i think it is one that get me further in life. business...


Suzy M.’s Avatar
Suzy M. May 22, 2018 523 views

Will I still feel part of my University if I am an international student?

I will be attending Graduate School in either Ireland or the UK this fall, as an international student I am nervous about not feeling part of my University as much as I did when I attended an Undergraduate course in the US. Will my status as an international student make it harder to feel...

gradschool college-student international abroad college integration student-affairs student

Minh V.’s Avatar
Minh V. May 18, 2016 923 views

Is it possible for students adapt to new career paths that are unrelated to their major? And if so, what steps should they take?

A lot of times, people end up having a new passion that is unrelated to their degree. I have seen many professionals gain high profile jobs even though they had a degree that was unrelated to their career. I was curious to see how a student could gain experience in a different field and dive...

majors development business graduate recruiting consulting

Ayomide  O.’s Avatar
Ayomide O. Mar 30, 2017 794 views
Ayomide  O.’s Avatar
Ayomide O. Mar 20, 2017 809 views

Does an accounting student need a masters?

Accounting student at Towson university...


Kemi L.’s Avatar
Kemi L. Dec 21, 2016 747 views

What is the difference between a software engineer and a software developer?

I have interest in the software industry but I would like to have some clarification on what sets these two careers apart. software-engineering software-development...


Ayomide  O.’s Avatar
Ayomide O. Mar 30, 2017 629 views
Tawana A.’s Avatar
Tawana A. Jan 18, 2018 598 views

What myths can be debunked about the helping professions.

I want to have a modern mindset to attract today's parents/guardians in the childcare entrepreneur world. Daycare-providers helping-professions...


Dana R.’s Avatar
Dana R. Nov 16, 2021 57 views

What is the day to day of urban planning?

I am a recent grad with lots of options. However, I do not know which to take....


Mounia M.’s Avatar
Mounia M. Feb 09, 2017 906 views

What are the best ways to network?

I'm wondering what are the most effective methods of networking? Is volunteering the best or are informational interviews with professionals in my field of choice? I want to gain a network before applying for grad school and find a mentor. graduate-school volunteering networking mentoring...

professional-development professional-training professional-mentoring

Jalen G.’s Avatar
Jalen G. Mar 04, 2018 457 views

How can I balance sports and school in college?

I am a future communications major and tennis student athlete. I'm very excited to do both, but I have reservations about the work needed to do both. How do you balance the two? sports student-athlete...


Nina E.’s Avatar
Nina E. Jan 16, 2018 472 views

Is making friends hard when you first get to college?

It seems alittle scary to be in a totally new place and not know anyone. friends college social work-life-balance...


Emily S.’s Avatar
Emily S. May 09, 2018 401 views

What are the pros/cons of living at school vs. commuting. #campuslife #trafficjam

I want to live at School, my pocketbook says I have to commute. I live 45 minutes from campus on a no traffic, best case scenario commute. I am concerned about the time, stress and safety of this twice daily commute and will talk to my advisor about maximizing classes on certain days so as not...

personal-finance trafficjam campuslife

Tatyanna S.’s Avatar
Tatyanna S. Oct 26, 2016 852 views

What are the downfalls of majoring in Computer Science/Computer Technology if you ultimately want to work in the cyber security field?

I am interested in pursuing a career in cyber security, but some schools I am interested in do not offer cyber security as a major. computer-science information-technology...