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Kemi L. Dec 24, 2016 559 views

What are some good entry-level jobs without any prior experience as a part-time job?

Right now, I want to work a little to save up money for future expenses (grad school etc.) but I'm not sure what kind of jobs I should go for. Some people suggested working at gyms as customer service or at restaurants at the front desk. What other great choices are there? Thanks!...


Pallas-Amenah M.’s Avatar
Pallas-Amenah M. May 24, 2016 477 views

The college I will attend in the Fall wants me to be a "walk on" for track. I never requested to participate in sports.; I would like to concentrate on my studies. Should I do it, or should I concentrate on my studies?

I was the 2015 State Champion for JV Girls Cross Country (Independent Schools). I also hold my school's record for the 400 meter event. I need more scholarships, but I really want to concentrate on my studies. I do not want to lose the scholarships I already have. #college #career...

#running #college-advice #college-admissions

Dakota S.’s Avatar
Dakota S. May 11, 2016 458 views

Why is college important to you?

I am a high school senior looking into why some people are going to college....


Ayomide  O.’s Avatar
Ayomide O. Mar 30, 2017 466 views
Kinyoh A.’s Avatar
Kinyoh A. May 14, 2016 464 views

When is the best time to get an internship?

I am asking because I can learn a lot and get an insight into the field that i want to enter. #college #student...


Kemi L.’s Avatar
Kemi L. Feb 04, 2017 425 views

How much can students make while working full time?

Just wondering if students are able to make some good money while being in school at the same time. #college...


Ayomide  O.’s Avatar
Ayomide O. Mar 30, 2017 622 views
Matthew W.’s Avatar
Matthew W. Jul 12, 2016 835 views

Action drives us to push our limits and to grow. What are a couple things that I can take action on today to challenge myself and grow?

More of a philosophy question :) There are so many quotes about this concept "action": “Never complain, never explain, just let your actions speak for themselves.” – Benjamin Disraeli “The Superior man is modest in speech but exceeds in his actions.” – Confucius “There are no statues built to...

#philosophy #growth #personal-development #books #leadership #business

Terri F.’s Avatar
Terri F. Jan 23, 2018 427 views

Were there any times when you wanted to give up on your dreams?

I am asking this because someone's answer might prevent students like me from giving up on my dreams. #college-advice #student-development #education...


Alicia N.’s Avatar
Alicia N. Apr 27 44 views

As a therapist what are some of the hardest things to do on a daily basis

I am a 15-year-old freshman looking to be a therapist, and one day even own my very own business. I already started looking into which colleges have the major that I need in order to qualify as a therapist. #therapist...


Ter L.’s Avatar
Ter L. May 18, 2016 831 views

What is a good amount of time to work during my freshman year in college?

I don't want to be overwhelmed, especially as a full time student. Is fifteen hours to much? #college...


Cristy R.’s Avatar
Cristy R. May 05, 2016 522 views

Should I be stressing out about going in as undecided?

It's my first year, I have many scholarships but i am not devoted to a certain major. Should I just choose one or should I figure it out once I get there....


Morgan R.’s Avatar
Morgan R. Apr 17 50 views

What to expect in the Pharmacy field?

I'm a freshman at St Johns university majoring in pharmacy. In the future I hope to become a pharmacist in a hospital setting....


Tianna K.’s Avatar
Tianna K. Jan 23, 2018 563 views
Taeja D.’s Avatar
Taeja D. Aug 17, 2018 196 views

For Counseling Psychologists, what are some thing I need to know about this career?

#psychology #knowledge I am a current student at Woodstock Career Center, and I am wanting some advice for the career of Counseling...

Matthew W.’s Avatar
Matthew W. Jun 29, 2016 1099 views

As an aspiring leader and entrepreneur, what are three books I must read?

I am 19 years old at university. This summer I've immersed myself in a variety of texts ranging from philosophy to leadership advice. I still am, however, looking for that one book to spark a certain inspiration. If you have any book recommendations, I would love to hear it. #entrepreneurship...

#reading #books #recommendation #philosophy #leadership

Kemi L.’s Avatar
Kemi L. Dec 30, 2016 574 views

Where do people usually go to study abroad for CS?

Really interested to experience CS in another country to see how different or similar it is from the US #computer-science...


Aimrick N.’s Avatar
Aimrick N. Aug 14, 2018 215 views

How can you calculate the amount of money you owe your college?

I would want to know how much the University of Chicago cost a year. Also if the school has a good financial aid assistance program. #money #education...


Eboni B.’s Avatar
Eboni B. Aug 29, 2018 406 views

How to be successful with the race & gender inequality?

It's hard enough being a person of color in America & the World . It makes it even more difficult when you're a female. I'm inquiring further knowledge on success stories of WOC defeating all the odds against them and paving the path to their future even after facing so many trials and...

#career-path #general #social #gender #inequality #education #race

Michala G.’s Avatar
Michala G. Apr 17 45 views

How can I make myself more interesting to health are orgs?

I would like to become a medical examiner, post secondary education, and in order to get there I want to get some research internships and volunteer opportunities. How can I make myself look more interesting to research orgs and other orgs i can work on? #pre-med #research #health...


Stephane karel T.’s Avatar
Stephane karel T. Jan 16, 2018 710 views

How much years of education do you need to be a pediatrician

I am asking this because i would love to know how many years i have infront of me #pediatrician #graduate-school #medical-school #healthcare #medicine...


David H.’s Avatar
David H. Jan 23, 2018 488 views

Is it best to chase after your dream or financial stability?

Everyone has that one thing they love to do, but know they probably won't make a lot of money from it though. Is it best to put stability over fun and passion? #philosophy #social-science-phd #social-science #social-sciences #career-counseling #career-choice #finance #business-finance...

#passions #purpose #career-goals

Ayomide  O.’s Avatar
Ayomide O. Mar 30, 2017 619 views
Anjola B.’s Avatar
Anjola B. Apr 06 116 views

Why is it so important to you to enjoy your work?

I want to be an anesthesiologist but I am a 10th grader....


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