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How should you get out of being home sick?

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3 answers

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Mitchell’s Answer

While I've never been to college (except for online courses I'm currently enrolled in), I've been on deployments so I've been homesick for long stretches. My number one thing is finding things to do with people in real life. Online interactions are great for times like this when COVID is messing up everyone's social plans, but nothing beats physical interaction. It's a chance to put decent clothes on, put the effort in to driving somewhere, and generally getting in a social mindset. Facetime calls aren't the same. For me, on my first deployment, the guys from my ship that I worked with would meet in our berthing and play board games after work. Some people did karaoke nights. Volunteering (even online) is another great way to feel like your time is worthwhile. And the rule of thumb is that the less time you spend bored, the less time you'll spend thinking about how much better life is at home.

Life isn't better with your family in the same building. It's just different. My life got vastly more fulfilling after I left home, and I was deployed on a ship for 6 months at a time with the same people over and over. On a college campus, with a world of social options and people with common interests, as long as you get out and try, you should never be bored.

Also please study. If you have free time in your dorm, read something productive. You'll be thankful for it later, I'm certain.

Mitchell recommends the following next steps:

Make friends in real life.
Volunteer. It's incredibly fulfilling.
Get a hobby that you can do in your dorm.

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Rebecka’s Answer

Hi Trayvon! Great question. I was extremely homesick during my freshman year of college. For me, getting involved in organizations on campus was what helped the most. I met some great people and kept myself busy, so I had less time to think about missing home. I got involved volunteering in the community and met some of my best friends. There are so many opportunities on campus and around the community, so you can definitely find something that suits your interests.

Also, it may sound counterintuitive, but try to avoid going home for the first month or so you are away. This helps you get truly immersed in your new community and new home. It's okay to still rely on people at home (I called my mom several times a week for the first month), but trying to become more independent will help ease the transition.

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Jenna’s Answer

Hi. This is a common feeling when heading to college. I made sure that I kept busy. I would network and meet new people and do different activities that was provided on campus. I also had a part time job to keep me busy and allow me to go shopping when I could. I worked about 20 hours a week. I didn’t want to go crazy because school and activities were my top priority. My calendar was my best friend. It kept me sane, busy, and on top of things. I didn’t get down on myself when it was empty and just looked at it as a break. Finally, I would FaceTime all the time with friends and family. Text messaging is amazing and what we are used to, so I changed it up and talked to be on the phone or FaceTimed.
It takes time, but it will go away. Best of luck!