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William Sep 05, 2018 594 views

What do Seabees do?

What do United States Naval Seabees normally do on a daily basis? #military #Navy

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Khadija Jun 29, 2020 917 views

As a high school student, how do I know if computer science is the right college major for me?

I'm a 16 year old rising high school senior, and I've been learning how to code in my free time for the past year or so. I've decided that I want to study computer science in college, but I'm still not entirely sure about my decision. #college #computer #computer-science #college-major

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Eduardo Sep 01, 2017 981 views

How can I better myself as a person daily?

I want to become the best possible person I can become. #Greatness #personal-development #professional-development

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Gloria Aug 07, 2019 570 views

How long have you worked for the company?

#career #job-application #medicalassistant

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Angelina Jan 30, 2017 909 views

What is the best way to deal with a coworker who you don't get along with?

Hey! What is the best way to deal with someone you work with who you don't get along with? Maybe it's because you disagree about things, you totally clash, or some other reason, how do you deal with it? #business #science #teaching #medicine #healthcare #law #math #politics

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Trayvon Aug 16, 2018 560 views

How should you get out of being home sick?


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lili Aug 27, 2019 670 views

How can I gain experience before joining the military?

I am in 11th grade, 16 years old.
#mil #military #army #navy #air-force #college #educator

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Kota May 13, 2020 637 views

How to start a career in networking ?

I am a student and I want to career in networking how? #networking #cybersecurity#cloud computing #IoT #career

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Aleena May 13, 2020 691 views

For someone who does not know programming, what is the best way/software to create an app?

Create an app with an algorithm to match donors with nonprofits to donate food. #programming #software-engineering #computer #computer-software

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Jordan May 28, 2019 391 views

How much training do you need to be in the military?


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Nancy May 12, 2020 830 views

Any good coding website beside Youtube, I can start learning from?

#coding #video #technology

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Hoang May 10, 2020 813 views

How to get internship these days?

#internship #technology #computer-science #engineering #computer-science I am a Computer Engineering - Computer Science student, now looking for my internship for Fall.
"Working hard and achieve your dream"

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Tiy'meer May 17, 2019 482 views

why did you pick that career


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David Apr 16, 2019 2341 views

If my strengths are that I'm a quick learner and that I'm good with numbers what types of careers or industries might best fit me?


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Mirna May 10, 2020 801 views

How to choose your career if you don't have any hobbies or something you're interested in ?