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How to get internship these days?

internship technology computer-science engineering computer-science I am a Computer Engineering - Computer Science student, now looking for my internship for Fall.
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17 answers

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Mitchell’s Answer

Honestly, if you don't have any certifications (either in networks or your programming language of choice, depending on your specific interest), it would help to try to get one or two. As a CompSci student, you should be able to knock out A+ and Sec+ pretty easily (also depending on the specific field of CompSci you're studying). Volunteer hours help make you seem well-rounded on paper as well. If all else fails, make sure every tech company within driving distance has heard of you, and the ones that don't answer you should hear about you again until they do. Tech is nasty competitive sometimes but you'll get it. Good luck.

Thank Mitchell, thank for your advice! I am trying to study more on CodeAcademy to develop my skills too and these days most of the jobs being moved online which makes finding for job much harder for junior or internship students. Hoang D.

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George’s Answer

Apply to as many internships as you can, reach out to companies on linkedin and try to network/reach out to people. Be proactive and be persistent.

Also see if your school provides any help with internship placement.

You got this! Computer Engineering/Science is in high demand.

Thank you George for your advice! I am applying as much as I can (but ye some jobs that I actually can apply my study to) 😀 Hoang D.

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Wesley’s Answer

Look for job fairs in your community and/or school. Applying to positions online directly through the company's website or through LinkedIn is great, but face to face interaction can sometimes differentiate you from other candidates so whenever possible, try to get face to face, or vocal interaction with a recruiter.

Good luck!
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Simeon’s Answer

To increase your odds of getting an internship, research certifications you can get related to your field and look into teaching yourself software/coding skills that are related to your specific field of interest. These little bits will give you a leg up over the competition. Lastly, don't forget to network. Go to recruiting events and keep up with your professors and fellow students. They will often be your best leads to opportunities in the future.
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Sowmya’s Answer

My biggest piece of advice for finding an internship is to start looking early! I made the mistake a few times of starting to look after many companies already completed interviews for their internship positions. I would suggest to start looking as early as the end of the summer before. So if you are looking for an internship in the summer of 2021, I would suggest to start looking August or September of 2020. Even though many companies don't start their interviews that early, it allows you to do your research and reach out to recruiters about upcoming internships!

Another piece of advice is be proactive! Create a linkedIn profile, connect with people!
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Bennae’s Answer

During COVID-19, many companies may not be doing any internships...once they begin again, do not hesitate to visit local businesses in your area, check the local Chamber of Commerce, and if you have any certifications, look up local chapters to see what businesses are offering internship. I agree with another previous comment, DO NOT get discouraged at the No's. This will allow you to receive the openings that are meant for you. Instead of allowing it to discourage you, let it be the fuel to apply for more. Once you get the opportunity, do your best, and the rest will take care of itself. Stay safe and keep your head up! Every business has been impacted by the virus throughout the World, and it may take a little time for things to get back to a better state. Continue to follow your passion...this shall pass soon

Thank you Bennae for your advice! Hoang D.

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Riley’s Answer

Many companies will have an entire department dedicated to internships. If you can find companies that will have work related to your major, find a contact for an internship, and send in your resume. Most places will give you one contact who is in charge of holding the interviews for internships and once you send your resume in they will most likely call you to schedule an interview within a week or so.
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Ronald’s Answer

Regardless of what company you decide to intern at, there are a few basic rules to get started:

#1 Start early.
Try to have a general idea of what you want to do. Maybe even relate it to your field of study. Most companies are already planning their internships for next year, we are!

#2 Do your research.
* What type of company is it?
* What is the culture like?
* Maybe connect to someone that has been through the program via LinkedIn.
* Is the program virtual?

#3 Choose Atlassian. (just kidding, but not really)
The most amazing thinkers-like NASA rocket scientists and Tesla engineers-are looking to us for solutions. We develop software that helps teams everywhere launch amazing ideas into the world. Sound like an exciting place to start your career?

Sound interesting? Click the link below.

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Giovanni’s Answer

Hello Hoang,

There are many ways to get internships no matter what your career path is. Schools' usually provide a site when students can create an account and start looking for internship applications. With this site if available you'll be able to conduct a more detail search in what type of internship you're looking for. In addition to that LinkedIn always has job posts just like Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter. You'll be able to find internships there.

Networking is another form of getting closer towards an internship. If you know of specific people within your circle than they can lead towards a potential internship opportunity. There are a lot of ways to connect with recruiters and business offering internship opportunities such as

- LinkedIn
- Career fairs (online and in person)
- Business visits
- Business cards ( tool)
- Personal website (tool)

And there are many more tools and or events you can take advantage of in finding an internship to apply to.

Thank you.
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Gourav’s Answer

To look for internships, you look for posts on Linkedin, job portals, and apply, also look for people who are already doing on Linkedin and ask them about their experience. Apart from this also can look for E-learning platforms/websites to teach and provide you knowledge of your interest topic with an internship.
Good Luck.
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Kara’s Answer

That's a great question! In addition to what others have mentioned, if you're unable to find an explicit "internship" during covid or with your level of experience, what you can do is find other ways to continue learning and broadening your experience. Then, when you're recruiting for internships next year, you can show how you problem-solved and were able to continue growing during this time: "Companies weren't taking on summer interns, but I did the following to continue learning and grow my experience:......"

I don't know what is financially feasible for you, but there are a few options you could consider, in addition to the ideas already mentioned:
- See if there are any companies offering unpaid internships
- Get some volunteer experience relevant to an industry you're interested in. This will give you more of an understanding of and appreciation for the 'end customer' when you go to work in that space.
- Contact folks at companies you're interested in and see if you can shadow one or more of their employees. You could do this for a bunch of companies and get a wide range of exposure to different workplaces! If you go this route, I would suggest waiting a bit closer to the summer to contact companies.
- Spend some time working on a self-created project. It doesn't have to be a "startup," per say... But you could do work on background research (e.g., explore different market opportunities or customer needs) and lay out the groundwork for a company/initiative you'd be interested in building some day. You could even go out and start a project or make an app for your community! Times like this are great for entrepreneurial spirit.
Again, these are all just ideas. What you get to tap into is "What am I really interested in learning and developing?" and then you can find a way to go do that without the pressure of a specific internship.
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Danitra’s Answer

Here are some good sites that you can go to

1. Linkedin (
2. VolunteerMatch (
3. Internships (
4. Glassdoor (
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kaili’s Answer

Don't be afraid of rejection and continuing to submit more resumes. Find the company you are interested in so that you can do better.
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Rohit’s Answer

Step #1 - Create a Convincing Resume (0 Experience Needed)
Step #2 - Convince the HR Manager with a Cover Letter
Step #3 - Find the Right Internship Opportunities [3 Main Ways]
Step #4 - Ace the Upcoming Interview
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Catherine’s Answer

If you are in college, many of the departments will have a job board listing internships in your field of study. Depending on your field of study, you might be able to volunteer to get a foot in the door that might work into a position down the line.
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Paul’s Answer

I have found that internships at bigger more established companies are easier to find. The largest employers often have meaningful work for you to try and often offer a rotation of assignments to give you a window into multiple areas. I worked for a long time in Financial Services and Mutual Fund Companies. I'd start there.
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DISHA’s Answer

Getting internships is one of the most challenging task these days. No matter what is going in the market, I believe LinkedIn is your best bet.
As what I learned during my job hunt phase, as many applications in a day is helpful. Start with the positions you are looking for, apply to at least 5-10 companies a day. After applying to any company, make sure you send connection invites to at least 4-5 people from the technical team/hr/ managerial level members who would be able to help you. Always send out a note with the invite.
Connecting on LinkedIn is essential as it helps the hiring team to see your interest in the position. Always send follow up messages if people don't respond the first time but do not bug them. Once they respond talk about your interests and try to match your experience with the position applied for.

Make sure you are visible on LinkedIn. Post articles that may be related to your field and share articles of interest. This helps people notice your activity and willingness to work in the field you are looking for!

I hope this helps!

Good luck!