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Joshua Mar 05, 2020 938 views

which is better? programming or app development

#computer-programming #mobile-app-development#technology

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George May 27, 2020 2207 views

What volunteering positions are great in order to become a Software Engineer?

I am a Junior at Aviation High School, the past 2 weeks I spend my time trying to find remote volunteering roles. Some of them included WordPress Mentor, Data Entry and Remote Student Mentor/Tutor. Are they any other volunteering positions that could help land my first job at a tech startup or...

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Tyler Apr 23, 2018 665 views

What is one of the hardest aspects of being a game programmer?

I'm currently studying at WPI in order to go on to become a game programmer. What is one of the hardest things about that job, whether it be a part of the job or part of actually landing it?

#game-programming #game-design

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Destinee Mar 27, 2018 1119 views

How should I decide what college I want to go to?

I'm stuck between two good colleges in North Carolina and I told my parents I would wait to decide until I got to see them both in person. But I'm not sure what questions to ask or what to look for. #college #college-advice #college-selection

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Tylar May 25, 2020 3188 views

Do Most Software Engineers enjoy their job?

#software #engineer #software-engineering #computer-software

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Balram Apr 28, 2016 1329 views

How do I become a Software Engineer ?

I am in 10th Class and i love to work on diffrent Projects releted to computers. I have design Websites, Blogs, Youtube Channel and Mobile App.
#engineer #software-engineering #computer-software #software

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Reinaldo May 11, 2020 1221 views

What is the salary of a computer engineer?


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Jane May 16, 2020 1322 views

How do I know if engineering is the right field for me?

Hi! I'm currently a high school student trying to figure out what to major in for college. I enjoy solving problems and learning math/science, but I've never really been the type of person to take things apart and put them together just for the sake of it. Could I still consider being an...

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Hoang May 10, 2020 1232 views

How to get internship these days?

#internship #technology #computer-science #engineering #computer-science I am a Computer Engineering - Computer Science student, now looking for my internship for Fall.
"Working hard and achieve your dream"

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Nancy May 12, 2020 3689 views

What's a good coding language to start with?

It's part of my major, I want to start now learning it, so it will be easy to understand when classes open again?

#computer #major #information-technology #technology #computer-software #coding #codingcamp #bootcamp #COVID19 #career #college #student