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which is better? programming or app development

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6 answers

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John’s Answer

In many ways app development is one specialty of software development. There is some advantage of specializing in a core set of technologies in order to solve a business need. Be aware that app development continues to improve for instance some companies maintain a small native part on each platform (iOS/android) and write the core application a common language such as JavaScript which runs inside the native apps.

John recommends the following next steps:

Consider languages relevant to field java, swift
If interested in native app development write a small app in Android studio.
Consider the relationship between native app development and browser based apps.
Be familiar with a JavaScript mobile friendly frontend web framework.

Just to add, Programming and App Development reinforce each other and there are topics in software development that span the domain. Generally improving your programming allows you to write better code, and solve more complex and harder problems. During App Development you will solve problems that give you more knowledge on different approaches and their pros and cons which will help you become a better developer. I am saying this from my short experience as a Backend Developer. Abhishek P

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Abraham S.

The good news is not only are both of these tracks super fun and exciting but they both have career journey's that can last many many years. Also, given the right circumstances, the salaries for both can be very pleasing :).

As mentioned, you can consider programming as a great lower layer to app development. Programming, though, is a skill set that never ever gets old as long as you are open to learning new languages. As technology changes, programming languages evolve to meet the needs of users whether those users are gamers, marketers, students...there is boundless use for programming skills, while I acknowledge that app development could be more fun :).

Good luck!

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Thomas’s Answer

To first understand what an app is- I think is important. App is short for application. But application of what ? Well in the terms of what you are referring to- an application of a computer language or languages in the case of cross platform or frameworks. So, app: means an application of a computer language to solve a problem. There are many problems in the world. This is a technologically progressive place right? So maybe, you are use to a integrated development environment like: Visual Code( can code: javascript , c# ... python) or maybe you are familiar with eclipse( java, python... etc.)- and YOU only see the output of YOUR algorithm( application of a language to solve a problem)- in the command console. Don't be discouraged my friend- this is very intelligent. Because if you want to put it to work all that must be done is a deployment to some server that everyone has access to. Now that everyone can access it, your algorithm may be used to solve a real world problem in 2020- for example( choosing a random year). But when you have NOT seen the bigger picture - your code can somewhat appear to be a : "toy program". This is not so.... as I have mentioned to you above. If you are interested in deploying your "toy program" - Google : deploy <"your language chosen"> program. Then others will now see it and your code is no longer a "toy program", but rather an app. Keep programming... and use a comfortable chair too, lol =).

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Fred’s Answer

App development is another type of programming that is targeted toward mobile devices
However the methodology and principles are the same
Also mobile development is limited to two general languages, Object C for Apple and Java for Android devices
A programmer that uses today’s object oriented methods will be comfortable in both
If you learn to program you can do both

Fred recommends the following next steps:

Learn object oriented programming so you have the tools to do both

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Abby’s Answer

Once you learn how to program you have the ability to build so many amazing things! One of those is creating Apps for phones. If this is particularly interesting to you that is great! One of the best ways to learn programming is to find something you want to create and then try to build it! If you are looking for some place to get started I would recommend App Inventor https://appinventor.mit.edu/. They have some great tutorials and an easy setup to get started learning how to create some basic Apps.

If you decide later on you want to work on creating websites, video games, or anything else having to do with programming a lot of the basic programming skills you will have developed will be able to transfer to this.

Abby recommends the following next steps:

Create a basic App on App Inventor
Create a small app in either Android Studio or Xcode
Keep adding small features to your app

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kaili’s Answer

First , app development including programming. If you like coding and solving tricky problems , you can join as an engineer.