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Gourav Raghuvanshi

Salesforce Consultant
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, India
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Hoang May 10, 2020 1199 views

How to get internship these days?

#internship #technology #computer-science #engineering #computer-science I am a Computer Engineering - Computer Science student, now looking for my internship for Fall.
"Working hard and achieve your dream"

Maya’s Avatar
Maya Nov 13, 2020 784 views

How can a high schooler obtain a machine learning/AI internship?

Where would a high schooler (assuming they have the necessary programming skills) find valuable internships in the field of ML/AI? What would make them stand out as applicants?

#computer-science #summer-internship #internship #high-school-student

Spencer’s Avatar
Spencer May 28, 2021 543 views

Do you benefit more in becoming a Computer Scientist or as an Electrical Engineer?

Are there more advantages/incentives in becoming a Computer Scientist or an Electrical Engineer in a way that helps you earn a higher pay rate? #engineer #scientist

Ridge John’s Avatar
Ridge John May 28, 2021 554 views

Are you looking for someone that can add a great value to your company?

I am a 19 years old #engineering #help First year Nursing Student who wanted to become a successful Doctor someday. I am currently looking for a part-time or full-time job that will somehow help me achieve my dream while gaining experience in a corporate way of working.

Kristina’s Avatar
Kristina Oct 30, 2014 4062 views

I've been introduced into SalesForce. Highly debating becoming certified. Is it worth it?

Being in a career search, I'm all over the place! I'm in IT right now, not quiet sure which direction I want to head in... #computer-engineering #salesforce