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Osmar Mar 13, 2018 862 views

What to do if I cannot imagine myself in the type of career I am planning on going into?

I have always been excited about being involved in the business world, but I cannot see myself working in a office or anything that has to do with that. I think it is a mental barrier because I am a first generation college student and many kids in my community just start working after high...

danieh’s Avatar
danieh May 14, 2020 2853 views

Should I take calculus?

I'm in high school right now wanting to pursue an education in business/economics, and I'm wondering if I should take calculus in my senior year. Any advice? #math #business #career #econ #economics #highschool #school #professional #university

oisin’s Avatar
oisin May 15, 2020 1193 views

How do I find work in my area?

I am 6’2, 15 years old and a hard worker. I like a challenge and im in need of a job #bluecollar #work #career #sports #social-work #job

chadrack’s Avatar
chadrack May 16, 2020 1114 views

When can start volunteering?

I am very great person believing that everything is possible if you put on mind into, i feel good when i help somebody and bring joy to people face .#Technology

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Hoang May 10, 2020 1213 views

How to get internship these days?

#internship #technology #computer-science #engineering #computer-science I am a Computer Engineering - Computer Science student, now looking for my internship for Fall.
"Working hard and achieve your dream"

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor May 14, 2020 1000 views

Am I to young to do an Internship?

I'm 13 years old, but I want to do an internship for interior design. Should I wait? #interior-design #internship

Monica’s Avatar
Monica Mar 16, 2020 839 views

How do most people enter this profession or field?

#Office #Administration

jasmine’s Avatar
jasmine May 15, 2020 993 views

How can I learn to make a lot of money?

I'm a pretty driven person and I love to give myself a good challenge however I want to skip all the bs and get straight into the nitty gritty of money making (university, Amazon affiliates etc) how's the best way to learn? #money #business

Kaela’s Avatar
Kaela May 15, 2020 999 views

How do you remind yourself that what you're doing/studying is important in the long run and let it truly sink in and motivate you?

#college #medical #radiology #nuclearmedicine #biology #organicchemistry #technician

Domenica’s Avatar
Domenica May 14, 2020 1868 views

How can you determine what career is best for you?

Building things and finding solutions to problems are things I like as well as being able to help people. I plan on opening a business whether it is in auto mechanics or construction.
#construction #business #automotive #career

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla May 14, 2020 614 views

What are important steps to take when trying to figure out where you want to work?

I love sports and I want my job to involve sports. #sports

Allison’s Avatar
Allison May 14, 2020 600 views

How can I find a good place to be a real estate agent?

I am an eighth grader and want to be a real estate agent. I want to know where the best places to sell real estate would be. Would it be in upcoming cities or the suburbs? Basically, where are the most people looking to buy or sell houses. #houses #home #real-estate

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas May 14, 2020 2322 views

What are the different types of businessmen?

I know that being a businessman is not just a profession in itself and that there are branches of businessmen. I am simply inquiring about what are the different branches of business and businessmen. #business #entrepreneur #professional

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia May 12, 2020 2105 views

Should I work/intern during the school year in college or wait until summer?

#college #internship #work

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danieh May 13, 2020 1162 views

How can I make the most out of quarantine at my age?

Hi! I'm a 16-year old high school student wanting to volunteer and do some good during this difficult time. But, all the virtual opportunities are more offered toward adults rather than teenagers. Therefore, I'm stuck /: #career #volunteer #student #highschool #opportunities