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My career goals are to be successful! I don't have a clear cut vision of what I want to do in order to be able to be successful but three careers that I've always had an interest in are being a politician, a lawyer, and a business executive. I know that I would have to climb up the ladder in all of those professions in order to truly be successful. I also know that I could be a businessman and then a politician as with being a lawyer and then a politician but I don't particularly want to be the old guy in Congress if you can catch my drift. I think that being young could be more appealing to a wider demographic of people.

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Thomas May 14, 2020 2310 views

What are the different types of businessmen?

I know that being a businessman is not just a profession in itself and that there are branches of businessmen. I am simply inquiring about what are the different branches of business and businessmen. #business #entrepreneur #professional

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Thomas May 14, 2020 718 views

What schooling is required in order to become a lawyer?

I really do have an interest in law. I appreciate being able to present my case and the facts along with it, even if they are "alternative facts". That's a controversial statement I know, but I got a chuckle out of it. #lawyer #law-school #college