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Chanchal P. Jun 14, 2019 155 views
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Jacqueline D. May 08, 2020 794 views

Is software engineering a fulfilling job?

I'm a sophomore studying computer science at a large 4-year university. I've been doubting my major choice a lot, and whether I will be fulfilled later in life working as a software engineer or at a tech company. I work as a math tutor right now, and I really enjoy helping and interacting with...

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tori B. May 09, 2020 360 views

How can I have a career with traveling ?

I am a sophomore in high school . As of now , I don't know my purpose in life. I honestly just want to travel the world , make money and be happy. How could I travel as a full time job? #travel #career...


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Hoang D. May 10, 2020 362 views

How to get internship these days?

#internship #technology #computer-science #engineering #computer-science I am a Computer Engineering - Computer Science student, now looking for my internship for Fall. "Working hard and achieve your...

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Nancy O. May 12, 2020 854 views
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chadrack B. May 16, 2020 260 views

When can start volunteering?

I am very great person believing that everything is possible if you put on mind into, i feel good when i help somebody and bring joy to people face...


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reyhan F. May 18, 2020 222 views
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I am a high School Grad. Please help me select my college

I just graduated from high school. I am planning to attend an online university because I don't want to waste my years waiting for the pandemic to be over. Can someone suggest me which online university is the best for Computer science? Is the degree worth it that I can get a job after I...

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How Can I Become A Hacker

Which Courses Are There And What Are The Qualifications Needed For Joining The Course And What Is the Average Salary Of A Hacker (Black Hat).#hacking #technology...