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For someone who does not know programming, what is the best way/software to create an app?

Create an app with an algorithm to match donors with nonprofits to donate food. #programming #software-engineering #computer #computer-software

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10 answers

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Gaurav’s Answer

All of the new big tech companies are coming up with making it easier for non tech people.

Microsoft, Google etc are bringing in step by step guide to create your own app. One needs to just google, create my first app on google cloud or microsoft azure and you would see results with guiding steps.

At Microsoft, Power Apps is a platform for "citizen developers" to create apps without knowing how to code. There are a number of YouTube tutorials that can walk you through the process. Jill Eckhart

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Mitchell’s Answer

Hey Aleena!

You've asked a bigger question than you may have known. Developing an app is a huge commitment, and your development environment will depend on your chosen platform. If you're talking about an iPhone app, for example, than Xcode is the industry standard, and it's free on the Apple app store. There are a few for Android as well. Desktop apps depend on your chosen programming language and skill level, as well as the complexity of the project. Your app sounds like a great idea, but it would probably require a healthy database to keep it updated with changing donors/charities.

My first advice would be to figure out which platform you want to work with. Then I'd find some other people (friends, professors, or classmates) that would be interested in helping you in your development journey. Once you do that, it's time to choose a development environment, but probably not before that. I wouldn't recommend going it alone if you can help it, unless you're already an experienced developer. I'm assuming you're not since you're still torn between development tools, but if you are, than all I can say is good luck!

Ok, thank you! Aleena M.

Of course! Mitchell Harrison

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Kin’s Answer

Hi Aleena, I think you want to create an app with an algorithm to match donors with nonprofits to donate food, maybe you can think about using some existing software, just likes "ReFED". Otherwise, you maybe can develop your app using MobiLoud will be more easier than create a native app. The benefits of using mobile devices are astounding and the data shows the key benefits. Any LearnPress website owner would benefit from its users by being available as a mobile app. You can provide your LearnPress eLearning platform as a mobile app using MobiLoud. MobiLoud apps will benefit from all of the advantages that eLearning mobile apps have and the conversion is easy because MobiLoud does all of the work for you.

Kin recommends the following next steps:


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Stephine’s Answer

Hi Aleena, I hope you are doing fine.

You can check the link below(it's an easy app builder)


Thanks Ms, Smith! Aleena M.

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Sheila’s Answer

Hello Aleena:

You've received some great links previously to sites that could assist you on your journey to developing apps. I'd like to share my experience in building my first app.

I completed a Nanodegree several years ago on Intro to Programming and the last project in the course - I created an "Android Business Card app". I have a basic understanding of code and was able to complete the course with a really neat simple app (BTW, I have an iPhone) that I share with my colleagues to demonstrate my experience in this area. I found Android Studio very easy to use. So if I could do it- I know you can too. 👍

Good luck building apps.

~ Sheila

Sheila recommends the following next steps:

Android Studio: https://developer.android.com/studio

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Soumya’s Answer

I think most of people already answered this question. I just want to mention one thing, creating an app is not a big deal because there are many sites you can find in google which can assist you to create the framework of the app. But one thing which is unique and needs brainstorming is how to design your app and how your app should be more user friendly. Before creating the app, ask these question to yourself and once you got the answer you should build the Lego blocks to build the app design. The more you invest time in designing and architecting the app, there should be less hustle in later period of time. You should be judgmental while designing the app because you are the best person who knows the in and out of the app.

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Steven’s Answer

All of these other answers are great, I might add a quick shout out to https://phonegap.com/ . If you have experience writing html, css and javascript or want to learn those technologies, you can use phonegap to quickly develop a cross platform application.

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GANGA’s Answer

today's scenario you have lot of low code or no code products available in the market to build an app or application. you can look into Microsoft office 365 which gives a simple form integrated to share point and power apps.

There are other opensources available which you can also evaluate.

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Peter’s Answer

Hi Aleena, here are good app development platforms you should consider. Both are considered low- or no-code mobile app development platform and are perfect for non-technical folks:


BizNess Apps

Good luck and hope this helps,

I will look into these. Thank you! Aleena M.

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karthik’s Answer

There are easier and harder things to start with involved on programming apps, I would recommend you to start with C but dont make complex things on this language right on the beginning, it is just to test your abstraction capacity. The reason for starting with C is that there are few prebuilt things on this language, so you need to understand how to think in detail about your problems and understand how a computer deals with information. Also when looking for information about any language, look for complete information, as it is usually shared by support groups or the distributors or creators of those languages. Alternatively you can also use Python as it is easier to write algorithms on this language. When you are getting better on it you can already continue it with the other technologies.
Then start learning about data structures, techniches, design and paradigms, it is a bit harder but helps you to write well developed software and as you count with the community to provide you with better information, at this point it is also proves useful as you will know to make important questions on this subject that you maybe could not think before. Along you can start learning about databases, you can start with relational databases but keep in mind the there are a diversity of different databases to explore . I recommend you to look for cases applying those informations on the technologies you will use.
Then you can start learning C++, SQL, then learning more complex things on C if you wish — like if you are looking to manipulate the computer more intimately and doing things that could be restricted on more abstract languages, like if you wish to make some programming at the OS level, on such case you would also like to learn Assembly and ISA architecture — then you can move to Java after, learn scripting and web development and functional languages. Then at this point start looking more seriously for applications on what you are doing. It can take more or less to some months to 1 year but most of it is not based solely on learning to write something but doing so reasonably well and having some flexibility (good luck, now you are initiated)
After you may want to ensure quality on your software as well as expanding the horizons on what you can develop, so you can start on automation and looking about how to test your software and learn about Operating Systems and how they differ to each other, look for models of algorithms and also on data science and statistics related contents, different platforms you could run your applications into, science computation and all the heck you can think about, time to explore. Now the best way to learn is to learn about developing projects, don't trap yourself on mastering something specific, think about what you need to work with the things you like, is well capacitated to do and can be well valuated, it is already large enough and more compensating than looking for things you don't know how much will be used (that level of individuality is one of the things that makes IT so great anyway).