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Mounia M. Mar 11, 2017 962 views

Is job stability ever more important than job satisfaction?

I am an undergrad working towards my Bachelor's. I left a very stable, well paying job in a career that I wasn't passionate about or satisfied in. I am trying to make a career change and am wondering if in the beginning of a person's professional career if job stability is actually more...

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Devetra C. Jan 03, 2018 448 views
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Samuel A. Jan 20, 2018 661 views

What programming languages should I know to impress potential employers?

My goal is to make a very comfortable life for myself but I need to get hired for that to happen. So what should I learn? Should I just try to learn every language I can or will that be a useless effort? #computer #computer-software #computer-science...


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Terri F. Jan 23, 2018 396 views

Were there any times when you wanted to give up on your dreams?

I am asking this because someone's answer might prevent students like me from giving up on my dreams. #college-advice #student-development #education...


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VIL 2. Jul 18, 2018 433 views

How are programmers using augmented reality? - Audrey

My name is Audrey, and I am way into computer science. I'm only in middle school, but I'm learning about computers and programming at the Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Camp for girls. Could a programmer or computer scientist utilize augmented reality? #computers #programming...

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Archit D. Apr 22, 2019 704 views

Want to study Cloud Computing, don't know where to start from?

I want to study Cloud Computing and develop it as a career afterwards, but the main obstacle I come across is from where I should start, I've searched on google and quora but most of the answers are related to data science or AWS. It's very confusing as I cannot understand what I want to do in...

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Antonio O. Oct 21, 2019 295 views

Should I have any experience prior to taking classes for careers on computer coding?

I know how to use a computer, doing the day to day tasks but I've never used any coding language programs and explored it....


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Alex H. Nov 14, 2019 293 views

What career should I choose if I enjoy computer programming?

I have been doing some basic computer programming for about 5 years now and it really interests me. I would like to have a career in computer programming but I have no clue which job would be the best to go into. I enjoy not only making games but also general software. #computer...

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Tsz Ho Y. Feb 13, 2020 388 views

Should I learn Python or R or other programming language?

I'm a college student in Economics and Finance. Right now I am quite good at Excel VBA and I want to learn one more programming language to give me an advantage in finding jobs. It seems to me that Python and R have their own strengths and weaknesses but I'm not too sure about it. #job-search...

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Maria R. Feb 21, 2020 194 views

I want to enroll in the computer science program in dawson cegep, it is a three year program, but what if I'm wrong when I think I'll like it?

I am about to enroll in the computer science program in Dawson, it's a three year program and I honestly do not want to lose time. I've done computer coding and analysis before and i loved it, it was my best class, but it was a long time ago and I'm not sure if I'll keep liking it when I get...

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Mariem A. Mar 30, 2020 185 views
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