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How can I better myself as a person daily?

I want to become the best possible person I can become. #greatness #personal-development #professional-development

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15 answers

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Kalyani’s Answer

That's really nice question. As a human we have to keep updated about everything what's going around. Apart from education, Life lession is most important that never teach in school or colleges.
Probably following things would definetly help you.
1) Listen to your heart. One of most important thing that we forget. If you love to do your job then nothing is impossible.
2) Try to speak with yourself for 10 minutes once in a day.
3) Always be helper. This habbit plays very important role in personality development. If you have habbit to give others it will return back to you in incrediable ways. This lession i learnt from nature. Always be a giver not taker.
4) forgive ourself and other. It neccessary to move on. Sometime we make mistake and get stuck and can't able to find answers. Even whatever people had done wrong with you forgive them.
5) Pursive your passion. Passion is something you love to anytime you never get bored with it. Be passinate about what you like. I like to write poem so i spend at least 30 minutes everyday to do that. I feel motivated you can find your passion.
6) Book reading. Books are awesome friends it teach you the life lession. Read something new that you like. I suggest you go throught the book ** The 5 AM CLUB** by Robin Sharma. This book will sure help you.
7) Work on you weakness. Whether it is public speaking or anything else. Once you overcome your weakness you will be confident.
8)Never judge other directly beacuse we don't in which suitution a person had gone through. Be kind and be helpful
to other.
9) Write done your dream on paper.
Yes, that's sound like foolish but when you write down your dream your mind awake and that's create exciting energy in our heart that keep you alert to pursive your dream. Set small small dreams and achieve. One step at a time.
10) Be a leader not a boss. Yes, you hear it right whether it is personal life or professional life take everyone openion on counts. Never put your decision on anyone. A great leader to that. At the end bestest idea matter.
11) Build your character. It plays important role in every aspect of life.
12)Be thankful for everything that we have.
13) follow the strategy of Try try but don't cry
14) Never give up
15) Try to make at least three people happy everyday.
16) Listen to everyone carefully. It's a great habbit.
17) Plan the thing and take actions accordingly. A plan without action is meaningless.
18) whatever you are going to do give your 100%.
19) Learn to observe thing in surrounding.
20) Increase your brand value. This is last point but most important at the end of day what matter how to do branding of yourself.
And many more things to do. But if you at least to 4 things from this. you will see something different in yoursef.

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Mitchell’s Answer

I choose skills and learn something new every day in that skill. I chose programming/robotics. So every day while I'm at work or at home, I do some studying for my next programming certifications or work on a robotics project to keep my intelectually stimulated. But your hobby could be anything from art, a skilled trade, another language, or a professional skill. Learn something new every day.

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Katya’s Answer

Hi Eduardo, what a great question. How to better yourself- I’m going to share with you what I try doing or tried.

I realized because I spent my entire life in sports that it helped me build my strong points in life. Sport is a great way to motivate yourself-your body and mind. I strongly recommend to start off your day with waking up a little bit early and do at least 20 minutes cardio- I usually find some fun workouts on YouTube and I follow -it keeps me in discipline. I get so much energy positive and so much happiness like a vitamin D- also any negativity that I have collected it goes away and then I start my day on making myself a healthy breakfast-oatmeal with fruits and a orange juice and a piece of dark chocolate .

I love learning new things and new skills- so I search for courses-I found done it’s called udemy.com-they have all topics and the price is for some courses below $20.00.. good classes and certificate you can use and incorporate on your resume.

I read books -try to always read a good book every month- you become more knowledgeable and an interesting person to talk to.

Have a hobby- always advance yourself-

Be active in your community

Good luck

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Katie’s Answer


This is such a great question, and something that needs DAILY work no matter who you are. To be the best version of yourself, it's important to stay true to who you are and understand that this may change throughout the different stages of life - and that this is OKAY! Somewhere you can start is to identify what values are important to you (this is sometimes easier said than done), or start identifying qualities / characteristics that you want to be better at. For example, it's important to me that I treat everyone with empathy and respect. I am also always striving to be more thoughtful and mindful. While I may not always execute these characteristics and actions perfectly, I always try to do my best!

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Jordyn’s Answer

Great question, Eduardo!

Take care of yourself Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually. What are some habits that will help you be your best self in each of those areas?

Physical: Take a 30 minute walk, Go to an exercise class, play a sport with friends
Mental: step a way from a screen, or just do one tasks at a time
Emotional: Tell someone you're thankful for them, Keep a gratitude journal
Spiritual: Decide what to say "no" to, Understand what is important to you and use it to filter through opportunities and tasks, allowing you to prioritize, hone in on, and seek out those that connect to something personally meaningful.

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Jessica’s Answer

Read a lot of personal growth books! People always think that they don't need it, but it definitely keeps you thinking about how you can be a better person. I would also look at your association and cut out the people who have a negative influence on your life because "you are who you associate with". If you associate yourself with negative people, you'll be negative. If you associate yourself with positive people, you will be positive!

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Cheily’s Answer


We all can share personal experiences that had or are working for each individual. The truth is, you must ask yourself, where you wan to be? how happy are you with where you currently are, and what would you change if any? Then, that's your good start!

Acknowledging yourself, is the best thing you can do to better yourself. And then, you formulate your own way to address any steps you may find, that it needs to be modify; books, exercise type, career path change, impulse, goals, surrounding, people, etc.

Some people search for a mentor, others change diet; (did you know that your first meal of the day will set the rest of your day's mood?)

Invest in yourself! Believe in what you know you are good at, and make a hell of a career out of it! I always tell my kids... if you want to be a janitor, make sure you are the best in town, and make your own company, teach other and always smile.

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Eduarda Luísa’s Answer

Hello Eduardo!
Hope you're doing great!

I believe that only by asking this question, you are already in the right path to becoming a better person. The fact that you are willing to do something about this is super important :)

I'm gonna share with you a few small things that I try to do every day in order to become a better person:

- You could start by smiling at someone and just saying hi! We never know what others are going through, so just showing that you care could change someones day!

- Practicing your empathy is also very important. We need to constantly learn how to put ourselves into someone else's shoes. Trying to understand what others are facing at the moment will help us not judge others, respect them and become better people.

- Respecting people is crucial for becoming a better and more understanding person. A world with people who respect diverse people, with different cultures, thoughts and habits is already running better!

- Also, you could try to educate others (your friends, family...) about the importance of all those things listed above!

- Last but not least I believe that for us to become better people, the first thing we all need to do is to feel good about ourselves. Respect yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself. That's key!
You can do stuff that you like, spend time with the ones that you love, meditate, exercise, eat healthy food and have great nights of sleep, for example.

Hope that was helpful :)

Best Regards

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Work’s Answer

Hi Jessica,

I recommend a few thing to become a better self:

  1. Don't neglect yourself. Mind, Spirit, Body. Spend time each day improving each.
  2. Be a continuous learner (continue to take classes/skill builder/training)
  3. Give back - volunteer an hour a week. There are many organizations that always needs help
  4. Try Yoga or a bit of exercise every day

Work recommends the following next steps:

Take time to do for yourself, take time to do for other.

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Abdul’s Answer

1. Lean a new word in any language
2. Think about a problem in the world and meditate on how you would solve it
3. Try to help someone, donate something
4. Listen to music that you never heard before
5. Be nice

Something you can do everyday. Hope it helps.

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Padmapriya’s Answer

Hi Eduardo

Nice question.

Here's a look at some ways to build self-improvement into your daily routine,

Cultivate gratitude.
Greet everyone you meet.
Use positive self-talk.
Practice acts of kindness.
Get enough sleep.
Breathe consciously.
Forgive and let go of anger.
Be polite.
Be a good listener.
Set goals for yourself.

Good Luck!!

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Chris’s Answer

My simplest answer is to write your goals down. Every morning, I write down simple goals for the day (ex:workout, clean room etc...), short term and long term goals. These can be professional, but they can also be personal. This helps me be consistently reminded of where I want to be and keeps me thinking about how I can best position myself to reach these goals! Hope this feedback helped.

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John’s Answer

the pursuit for greatness is a noble path. Become goal oriented and have aspirations byond what is considered adequate or satisfactory. A few things i tell myself everyday:

Why do something tomorrow if I can do it today?

Never say that's not my job.

Satisfaction is the death of desire.

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Cheryl’s Answer

Great question! The first step is thinking about this topic. Its so easy to get caught up in a routine but being aware of this always is already one step ahead in the right direction.
My tips are
Do one good thing for somebody else every day. It can be as easy as opening a door for an older person or helping a stranger
Take a few minutes for yourself everyday, exercise, meditate or take a few minutes to enjoy some music
Be thankful or grateful for 1 thing or 1 person everyday

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Dwayne’s Answer

I LOVE that you are asking this question! Having been around for almost 5 decades now, I've certainly gone through all of the phases around what I thought it meant to be a better person. This is one of those areas where we all know the answer instinctively, but relative experiences and society often conflict with that understanding.

You can ask this question in many ways in life - how can I be a better member of my family, how can I be a better person at my workplace, how can I be a better person in my community, and so on.

But in my experience, I believe there is a common thread between all of these questions. It is this - giving. Overall, when you are giving, your mind is in a place that is outside of your individual self, in a place that is looking at life beyond your own existence. And therein lies the power of giving - it puts your mind in a place thinking about others first. When you are in a true giving mindset and focus on helping others, you remove from your mind limiting issues such as worrying about recognition, money, etc.

Like our original questions, you can then ask what giving means in many ways as well - how can I give more to my family, how can I give more to my fellow employees, how can I give more to my community, and so on. The amazing thing is that giving can be at any scale and still make a difference. Something as simple as buying the coffee for the person behind you in line can literally change their day for the positive, and they will likely pass that on to others. And that is the way to start - give small. But you will soon realize the amazing power of giving and want to do more.

So back to your original question, how can I be a better person? In my mind it is simple - by giving to others and helping make their lives better. The only thing we leave on this planet is our legacy - make it one that lasts!

#greatness #personal-development #professional-development